Is there such a thing as temporary and permanent

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temporarily or permanently
permanently or temporarily
This happens because MMS messages on certain devices (temporarily or permanently) can be saved as files.
the user temporarily or permanently deny access to the supplier search engine.
The question is, is it temporarily or permanently.
Amnesia can temporarily or permanently depending on the factors that lead to memory loss.
To the extent that the provisions applicable to the instruments provide that their principal amount is to be written down in the event of a triggering event, the write down will result in the following temporarily or permanently reduced:
Where the provisions governing the instruments provide that their principal amount shall be written down upon the occurrence of a trigger event, the write-down shall permanently or temporarily reduce all the following:
d) The President presides over the General Assembly and the meetings of the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee. Is he temporarily or permanently prevented from exercising his office, the meetings are chaired by the Vice-President.
The President of the FCI conducts the General Assembly and the meetings of the General and Executive Committees. If he is permanently or temporarily prevented from performing his official function, the meetings are conducted by the Vice-President.
In an extreme case, the person concerned could temporarily or permanently lose access to the page.
It is also possible that the torrent tracker itself temporarily or permanently is out of order.
Submitting a personal relationship, whether temporarily or permanently, is one of the beautiful ...
Hearing threshold shifts can temporarily or permanently be.
The Los Llanos reserves the right to user in the following cases temporarily or permanently to exclude.
The competent authorities in the Member States are withdrawing installers, workshops and vehicle manufacturers who do not comply with their obligations under this Ordinance, temporarily or permanently admission.
The competent authorities in Member States shall withdraw approvals, either temporarily or permanently, from fitters, workshops and vehicle manufacturers which fail to meet their obligations under this regulation.
Product according to one of claims 1 to 10, characterized in that the middle layer (4) has a temporarily or permanently Has moisture-resistant active ingredient.
The product according to any of Claims 1 to 10, characterized in that the central ply (4) comprises a temporary or permanent wet moisture resistant agent.
15.4 Skype reserves the right to notify users who violate these guidelines, temporarily or permanently to lock.
Do you already have accommodation (temporarily or permanently)?
If temporarily or permanently Living abroad, the VPN gives you access to all of these sites.
Other Do you want the vehicle temporarily or permanently are used for purposes other than those for which they are being used, you must notify the competent authority immediately.
Miscellaneous If you wish to use the vehicle temporarily or permanently for another purpose than that intended, you must notify the competent authority immediately.
These are the results of taking VigRX Plus temporarily or permanently?
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