What are the best binoculars now

There are people who look out into nature and think: It's beautiful what I see there. And there are people who look out into nature and ask themselves: What exactly am I seeing there? This second type needs binoculars that zoom in on all the distant things in large format, as a kind of key to the world. The dark spots on the mountain slope opposite? Three chamois and a fawn. The dog that is pushing its way through the undergrowth in the twilight? Is not a dog at all, but a wild boar. The black and white birds that have been curling around the bird feeder for days? Turn out to be tailed tits. Since someone invented the sparkling term "Urban Birding", many city dwellers have understood that they don't have to leave their neighborhood in camouflage jackets and rubber boots to see rare birds. In the greater Berlin area, for example, there are almost 150 different breeding birds, which is more than half of the species that nest in Germany. However, nothing works without binoculars here either. Just which one?

Anyone who goes online now unprepared is immediately lost. In terms of price, the devices start at 50 euros and don't stop at 2500 euros, the choice is enormous. The magnifications are also very different. We decided on the 8x42 format: an eight-fold magnification with an objective diameter of 42 millimeters. These glasses have a good light intensity and are easy to wiggle your hands. And who could sit still when they see something that inspires them?