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How to do it right These penalties are imminent if the mask requirement is violated

Corona continues to keep the world in suspense: Nonetheless, mask refusers (with the exception of people who are not obliged to wear a mask for health reasons) do not adhere to the applicable protection rules in local transport or when shopping. Tighter catalogs of fines are intended to counteract this trend. You can read here which sanctions apply and where if the mask requirement is violated.

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Mask requirement: Current recommendations and obligations

Whether in your favorite café, at the hairdresser's or while shopping - the "AHA" formula (distance, hygiene and everyday masks) is intended to protect against the spread of COVID-19. But parallel to the increasing number of cases in Germany, the willingness to support these measures is decreasing.

The topic of masks in particular is often a topic of conversation. Mask requirements currently apply in Germany ...

  • in local transport and
  • in retail.

Doctors' offices and public buildings such as libraries also often require mouth and nose protection. The requirements can vary depending on the institution and federal state. In addition, the Federal Center for Health Education (BZgA) recommends a mask if people spend long periods of time together without being able to maintain the minimum distance of 1.5 meters.

However, those who refuse to wear a mask doubt the benefits, so they completely do without mouth and nose protection or wear it under their noses. So far, this has either not been punished at all or with low fines. In response to the persistent lack of discipline in public spaces, some federal states are now issuing or tightening fines for violations of the mask requirement.

Important:There are exceptions to the mask requirement, for example in the case of proven health restrictions. Those affected are then exempt from the ordinances.

You can find more information on the legal situation during Corona in this guide.

Fines for those who refuse to wear a mask: Regional differences

At the end of August, the federal and state governments agreed on a minimum fine of 50 euros for violations of the mask requirement. However, there is currently no nationwide uniform regulation. It is therefore a matter of the country how violations are dealt with. There may also be different municipal regulations. Another important factor in determining the amount of the fine is whether it is a first or a follow-up violation. In the event of repetition, there may be an additional fine.

To checkout, please: The regulations in the countries

In Baden-Wuerttemberg In addition to the general mask requirement (see above), individual requirements for certain locations (therapy centers, dishes, restaurants, etc.) also apply. There has already been a fine for mask grouches - up to now that was 25 euros. The sentence has since been increased. If you move around without a mask in places where it is required, you could be fined between 100 and 250 euros.

Also Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania wants to counteract the infection process by tightening the fine: instead of the previous 25 euros, mask refusers now have to pay 50 to 150 euros.

How does it look in Lower Saxony out? In buses, trains, on the way to the tracks, in retail and wherever no minimum distance can be maintained, the mask requirement applies. So far, mask grouches in the state got off lightly. Anyone caught and refused to put on a mask initially only had to expect a fine of 20 euros. In the meantime, depending on the case, 100 to 150 euros are due.

Other sides in the fight against the coronavirus also want North Rhine-Westphalia wind up: Anyone who does not wear mouth and nose protection on the bus and train will be asked to pay properly from now on. A violation of the mask requirement in public transport costs 150 euros.

The no to the mask is also in Thuringia expensive. The previous fine of 50 euros will be increased to 60 euros.

Everything as usual: These federal states leave it with the current fine

The in Bavaria the mask requirement in retail and local transport, anyone who violates it and is older than fourteen must pay 150 euros. Important: You must wear a mask for meetings, congresses and similar events in closed rooms. Exception: You sit at your (assigned) seat or give a lecture.

Also in Berlin Mouth and nose protection is a must at the locations already mentioned and is even valid there in vocational schools and sports halls. In the capital, mask grouches must continue to expect costs between 50 and 500 euros.

It is getting expensive: Here penalties have been newly introduced or increased according to the nationwide regulation

There was a long time in Hamburg no penalties for mask refusers. But in the meantime the city-state has even tightened the regulations, which were introduced relatively late. In the meantime, violations of the mask requirement in public transport, in retail and in public spaces have to pay a fine of 80 euros. This also applies to masks that are not worn correctly - for example if the nose is not covered.

After the joint decision of the federal and state governments to take stricter action against mask violations with a minimum fine Bremen, Rhineland-Palatinate and Hesse 50 euros from people who use public transport and retail outlets without the mandatory mouth and nose covering. Schleswig-Holstein agrees: There is a fine of 150 euros on buses and trains if the face mask is missing. Mask refusers in shops and nursing homes are also affected if they do not wear mouth and nose protection despite repeated requests.

Since September 1st, violations of the mask requirement in Saxony also punished with a fine. 60 euros are due if the mouth and nose are not properly covered in local transport and in shops.

Brandenburg was also one of the countries that had long relied on voluntarism. Since September 1st, however, a fine of at least 50 euros has also been due here if people do not wear mouth and nose protection even after being requested to do so and willfully violate the mask requirement. For repeat offenders, the fine can be increased to up to 250 euros. If you only accidentally violate the mask requirement and immediately cover your mouth and nose, you will get away with it.

There is a similar graduation in the Saarland: With the first offense, those affected can get away with a warning fee of 50 euros, recalcitrant mask refusers have to pay a 100 euros fine.

Only one country continues to waive fines

Saxony-Anhalt is the only country that refuses to comply with the nationwide regulation of imposing a minimum fine of 50 euros. The state government appeals to the population to take responsibility for complying with the obligation to wear a face mask.

  • Furthermore, the mask requirement applies nationwide in local transport and retail.
  • At the end of August, the federal and state governments agreed on a minimum fine of 50 euros for violations of the mask requirement.
  • The states themselves continue to determine the exact regulations. Therefore there is no nationwide fine. The penalties vary from country to country.
  • Only in Saxony-Anhalt is there no fine for violating the mask requirement.

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