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Iconic "Thor 4" role of Russell Crowe revealed - and it just fits perfectly

Danger! It goes without saying with the heading, but here again the warning: If you don't want to know who Russell Crowe plays in "Thor 4", you shouldn't read any further.

What was probably intended as a surprise in "Thor 4: Love And Thunder" is now finally revealed. After Russell Crowe was already seen in photos with the cast of the Marvel spectacle, it was confirmed a little later that the "Gladiator" star will actually have an appearance in the film. And now Crowe has even revealed what role he will slip into:

Russell Crowe plays none other than the mighty god Zeus in "Thor 4".

The actor dropped that on the Australian radio show "JOY Breakfast With The Murphys" (via Collider): “Now I'm going to get on my bike, cycle to the Disney Fox Studios and get out the curling iron. And at around 9.15 a.m. I will be Zeus in 'Thor 4'. It's my last day of fooling around and I'll be enjoying it, ”said Crowe.

It is unclear whether Russell Crowe was not given the usual Marvel muzzle or whether the Hollywood star simply didn't care (we guess he didn't care). In any case, one thing is certain: With his appearance, his rough-bassed voice and his gravitas, we can hardly imagine a better actor for the Marvel version of the iconic father of gods than Russell Crowe.

By the way, Zeus is not thrown into the room completely arbitrarily as another crazy idea by director Taika Waititi, but has in fact appeared in the Marvel Comics since 1949, where the figure from Greek mythology was once by Marvel legend Stan Lee and his "Thor" - and "Iron Man" co-inventor Jack Kirby was adapted.

In terms of skills and background story, the Marvel Zeus is very closely based on his mythological role model. And in the comics, too, he rules over Olympus as the immortal and almighty god - even if it is described here as a parallel dimension docked to the earth, which can be reached via an interdimensional connection somewhere on the Greek mountain of the same name.

In the comic templates, Zeus has often met Thor and, for example, together with the Asgardians, protected the earth from the extraterrestrial threat from the mighty Celestials - who, by the way, will in turn play a more important role in the upcoming MCU adventure "Eternals".

How big will the appearance of Zeus be?

How big Russell Crowe's appearance as Zeus in "Thor 4" will be is not yet known. It would be conceivable, of course, that it would only be a funny short cameo as in the case of Matt Damon, Sam Neill and Melissa McCarthy, who as a continuation of a gag from "Thor 3" in a play, the stage versions of well-known "Thor" characters will represent.

So maybe Crowe will not appear as a real Zeus, but only as his theater counterpart? That would certainly be amusing, but in this case we would even prefer a real clash between God of Thunder (Chris Hemsworth) and the Father of Gods.

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However, it is questionable whether there will really be room for this in the already crammed “Thor 4”. Little is known about the exact plot, but we already know that returning Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) becomes the female version of Thor in the Marvel sequel, New Asgard ruler Valykrie (Tessa Thompson) is looking for a partner, the Guardians Of The Galaxy with Star-Lord (Chris Pratt) getting involved and Thor and Co. also have to deal with the villain Gorr The God Butcher (Christian Bale).

But who knows: Maybe Zeus will be used in connection with the latter, Gorr has sworn to himself, all Destroying gods after they have not prevented the death of his family. We'll be smarter in a year at the latest:

"Thor 4: Love And Thunder" is scheduled to start in cinemas on May 5, 2022.

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