What is your future dream

Goal setting: dreams of the future

First, let's want some Ideas, dreams and fantasies develop what a possible future might look like. We want to create three different variants:

Version 1:

At the end of your school days you surely had dreams of the future before you decided on a certain career path. Write down which dreams you had for the future and whether you have realized them.

Variant 2:

Sketch out what your life will be like if you carry on as before, if the foreseeable happens, if you change little or nothing in what your life looks like today.

Variation 3:

Sketch how your life will develop when you let your imagination run wild a little more, when things come up in it that might not seem feasible or realistic from today's point of view.

Write down the three variations. Then consider why you have assessed or assessed certain fantasies as unrealistic or unrealizable. Perhaps you will discover possibilities after all. If not, you have to admit to yourself: If you classify your visions for the future as unrealistic and therefore do not strive for them, they will almost certainly never be realized.

As a last exercise, write down three to five points for yourself that should happen before the end of your life.