What causes herd mentality in animals

counselor For the appropriate keeping of donkeys

Donkeys are one of man's oldest domestic animals. Today the hobby keeping is mostly dwarf donkeys, but also crosses with horses, i.e. mules or mules. When purchasing donkeys, it should be borne in mind that their life expectancy is forty years.

A donkey needs conspecifics

Donkeys are very sociable animals with a pronounced herd mentality. Keeping animals alone is cruelty to animals. It is part of the life of a donkey to communicate with other members of its own species in a wide variety of ways: through sounds, facial expressions, body language and smells. A donkey wants to eat, run, rest, groom its dogs and occasionally fight with its fellows. Non-species pasture companions such as ponies, horses, sheep or goats are no real substitutes, and humans are certainly not. Stallion groups should only be kept by very experienced donkey owners and breeders because of rank fights.

The fairy tale of the stupid donkey

It is pure prejudice to claim that donkeys are stupid, lazy and stubborn. Their apparent stubbornness is rather an assessment of dangerous situations. Where horses react with their instinct to flee, the donkey stops and weighs up the situation. The little grays are intelligent animals and easily get bored if they don't have enough variety. Persistent, good-natured and loyal, they can be used in many ways by their keepers. They are traditionally used as pack animals and for riding. However, the weight to be carried should not exceed 20% of the donkey's weight. Donkeys also pull carts and carriages, can accompany trekking tours and are used for animal-assisted therapies.