How long should a man last

That's how long it takes a man to reach orgasm

Scientists wanted to find out how long, on average, it takes a normal man to climax. And no matter how long you thought it might take: It really isn't very long ;-)

After tracking the sex of more than 1,000 men, sex experts Masters and Johnson discovered that it only takes a man two to three minutes to reach orgasm. By the way, it doesn't matter whether he's masturbating or penetrating a woman's vagina.

If it takes longer, then only because he wants to brag about his steadfastness - and thinks about his tax return or the curd dumplings in the inn around the corner during the lovemaking in order to delay (what do we know?).

In return, the researchers found that women need around 10 to 20 minutes before they can orgasm, if at all (including the foreplay, which is necessary to get our mental cinema going).

Is that proof that God hates women? Haha! Not when you look at the times when it comes to masturbation. A woman needs an average of four minutes to reach her climax. Four minutes! And thus only a maximum of two minutes longer than the guys.

The question arises: If we can get there faster, if we lend a hand ourselves - how could you actually optimize sex with your partner in order to also reach your goal more quickly?