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The beautiful song with Suicide

In the beer procurement institute of my youth, the regular pub of the last decades, there where I learned how painful some mixing ratios can do - this is exactly where the following happened:

Your writer and poet Sid presented the new record of his friends from the Hanseatic City of Hamburg to the waiters he trusted "Montreal" behind the counter with the request to play this CD. "Sure, next one!" was the satisfactory answer.
Euphoria rose! Finally the good piece in my shop! I thought...
I thought wrongly. Because one of the two lovely ladies was not in the mood for punk rock. Of course nobody told me that, I could be offended. The fact that I was the victim of an ignorant campaign with a smile on my face hurt a lot more.
"Punk rock", nobody has to like that, why should they? Nobody HAS to like anything, just everyone should be tolerant. Especially in these alternative circles.
Now here lies my CD, dedicated to me and my loved ones, behind the counter - untouched. Provided with the desire to be played. -> Ignore! <>

Did I mention that I've been a DJ for about 15 years? No?
Then maybe because it doesn't make me a better person. But not for a worse either. The fact is, however, that Sid was able, was allowed and had to gain some experience in dealing with the vehemence, the urgency of the efforts of some individuals to hear a damn song or even to define the illustrious framework of the entire event.

Even one of the two ladies often takes great pleasure in asking the author of these lines for the same songs from the same combos and, if necessary, expressing her displeasure if Sid doesn't feel like fulfilling all of his wishes.

Only: I never make a secret of being hostile to so many pieces of music. Why should I want to deceive any music lover, lull him or her into expectant security, let my thoughts sway to the imaginary sounds of his song request, put the poor person off time and again and then unpack the coarse ladle and accompanied by Zamfirs To announce "Lonely Sheperd" and the cleaning light switched on: "End of work"?

The disappointment about my rigorous disregard is difficult to hide in some faces, but the majority mostly have a good time and compatible wishes are fulfilled as far as possible.
If my musical focus is on punk, alternative, independent, new metal, rock, etc., one can forgive that the legendary "Lambada" doesn't find its way into the playlist, just as little Christina Aguilera or groups of retorts from casting factories. And the fact that I am not letting any right-wing rocking fascist band give off a musical spark, but politely but firmly suggest to the expert who demands this ear cancer-causing propaganda shit, better end his evening with his military sports group in the Kameradschaftsst├╝berl, should make my readers nod in confirmation .
At this point: "Not a (musical) foot's breadth to the fascists!"

I also find it interesting when so many connoisseurs of musical outpourings invent either interpreters or song titles and I can guess what or who is meant. Or would you at "51st Devil" from Guns'n'Roses inevitably to "Sympathy for the Devil" by the Rolling Stones come?
That "Ready to cage" is the line of text "... like a rat in a cage" from the Smashing Pumkins Hit "Bullet with butterfly wings" requires a bit of imagination ...

Well that "Hello" from either Lionel Richie interpreted or by the Shakespeare Sisters (possibly as a cover version of the Bates) and not from the Red hot chili peppers As a guest in a rock shop, you don't necessarily have to bring along expertise. And, dear readers, not "Snow" with the seductive "Heo!" was intended, but "Other Side" and thus the text line "How long, how long ..."

A young lady who wanted "that cool song with Suicide" should also be mentioned. It could be from GRAIN be.
"Suicide is allright" by Intoxication I excluded, as well as "Suicidal maniac" from SuicidalTendencies.
"Des is mol fast and donn aries longsam! Des Scheene song with Suicide ..."
Aha, I thought, Chop Suey? The beautiful song of System of a Down?
"Yes!", Her eyes sparkled enthusiastically, "Exactly! That's so nice about Suicide!"
Me: "This is a totally awesome song - especially the part with Suicide! Sometimes it's fast, sometimes it's slow ..."
The stroposcope lost its effectiveness against the glow on her face.
"Then you play that too?"
"Why not?"
"Already ran ..."

And with these thoughts, memories and experiences in my head, I washed down my incomprehension with another beer and went outside, where my loved one was already waiting for me in the car. There would certainly be no music discussion. Not that apples have a bad taste in music: your car radio is broken.