Why is Fortnite so addicted to children

More and more children need therapy because of "Fortnite" addiction

More than 200 million Fortnite- There are now players. Among them should also be quite a few young people who have become addicted to the game. Bloomberg has taken on this topic and sought a conversation with concerned parents and a behavioral expert.

A mother expresses herself in despair towards the medium and says that her son is twelve hours a day Fortnite plays and his grades in school have deteriorated significantly because he sleeps regularly during class.

"Fortnite is like heroin"

Lorrine Marer, a British behavior expert, also has an explanation for this. "This game is like heroin," he says. "Once you're addicted to it, you can't get away from it," explains Marer. When faced with the issue, manufacturer Epic Games did not want to comment on Bloomberg.

Michael Jacobus has been offering camps for children with video game addiction for a long time. He says that Fortnite almost brought with it a certain epidemic. 60 percent of the 120 children in his camp are said to be addicted to the million-dollar hit from Epic Games. "One kid told me that there were already 300 victories Fortnite Has. I then worked out how much time it had basically already invested in the game ".

What happens in the camps

In the camp, the cell phones are taken away from the children and young people. As a result, they learn to eat healthily and to develop a regular sleep rhythm. Then they talk about their addiction to video games together. The demand for the camps is great. In the next year, the number of children should even be doubled.

The addiction of adolescents usually also leads to their parents losing a lot of money. Fortnite is free, but players can buy so-called skins for their characters and weapons. These are basically unique embellishments, some of which are only available for a short time. "Parents have lost a lot of money because of it if they didn't make sure their credit card was on file with the console," warns Marer.

Games addiction official disease

Incidentally, since June 2018, the WHO has recognized video game addiction as an official disease. According to psychiatrist Paul Weigle, this would have led parents to increasingly seek treatments for their children. Weigle himself already looks after 20 children who are after Fortnite supposed to be addicting. He advises that children under the age of ten should be completely forbidden from playing and that the time should be strictly limited afterwards and limits should be shown.

Incidentally, Fortnite is a million dollar business for manufacturer Epic Games. The company has a monthly turnover of hundreds of millions of dollars with the sale of skins. The game is also one of the most popular games on the Twitch streaming platform. Hundreds of thousands of others are watching while playing Fortnite to. (red, 11/29/2018)