Can you lose your sense of taste

Nothing more to smell and taste - as with Cordula the sense of smell and taste came back

PARI blog: How are you today?

Cordula Schweighöfer: I'm much better today. I must have completely lost my sense of smell and taste for nine months. The doctor reassured me again and again that regeneration takes a certain amount of time and that the sensory perception will gradually restore itself. At first nothing happened for a long time, which was quite frustrating. Today I can't smell or taste everything, but I do smell a lot more.

PARI blog: Have you also used PARI products?

Cordula Schweighöfer: Yes, to my great luck. At first I was treated classically with cortisone via injection, nasally or in tablet form, as well as antibiotics and vitamins. After nothing responded, my cortisone therapy was switched to treatment with the PARI SINUS. I started inhaling the cortisone through my nose. The PARI SINUS transports the medication as a pulsating aerosol directly to where it was needed. After a short time, this treatment brought resounding success. I was excited. After only 14 days of inhaling with the PARI SINUS, the sense of smell came back very easily. I was finally able to perceive something again after all the unsuccessful treatments. Since then I have been inhaling regularly with the PARI SINUS and my senses of desire and taste are almost completely restored.

PARI blog: How did you get along with the PARI SINUS?

Cordula Schweighöfer: The PARI SINUS is fantastic. Cleaning and application are no problem at all. I just had to get used to how to use it. That is a change to other inhalation devices, but actually very easy. All you have to do is hold one nostril shut, bring the nebulizer to the other nostril and close the palate seal. Sounds complicated, but it is not. My tip: when I say “ing”, the palate seal closes. You can also feel that it works when the nostril vibrates very slightly. The inhalation solution is then used up relatively quickly, it takes a maximum of two minutes per nostril. So little effort - big impact!