What are the signs of aging

Caution, risk of exposure: These 10 signs reveal the true age

We women have to admit enviously to many of our competitors that you simply cannot tell their real age. We must? Because although one or the other lady, especially the one from Hollywood, has probably already made a few appointments with the beauty doc and does everything for a youthful appearance, they do exist - these mean signs that relentlessly reveal real age. You can find out which characters these are here and in our photo show.

Although the faces of some stars are now as taut as the fitted sheet in a luxury hotel, the natural signs of aging do not pass them by either.

Drooping corners of the mouth

The corners of the mouth that hang down are hideous, they make a person who is actually so friendly appear bitter and are seen as a very typical sign of aging. The reason for the sagging complexion is the hyperfunction of the fine muscles in the mouth area. Over time, this pulls the corners of the mouth downwards, which usually begins from around the age of 40.

Artificial pearly whites

With the advancement of age, the negative development of the teeth or even their falling out is usually associated. This results from years of poor or insufficient care of the teeth. Women are often more quickly affected by tooth and root problems than men and some even lose their teeth when a child is born. Women are happy to let help and opt for prostheses or implants. The latter are usually difficult to see and look like real teeth to fool you. However, prostheses usually look much more artificial and are not silent, especially when chewing.

The silver shimmer

Gray hair is probably the clearest indication of advancing age. However, these often lead to a higher estimate than necessary. Because depending on predisposition, diet or everyday stress, hair can turn gray in individual cases even at the age of 20. Even with the beautiful 32-year-old Duchess Kate, the first gray hairlines are already shimmering. Most likely, you are helping with your gray hair with coloring. However, these have their pitfalls and either do not cover them completely or let the gray shimmer shine through the color very quickly. We recommend that you have your hair professionally colored on a regular basis.

Patchy pigmentation disorders

The so-called age spots are primarily due to years of exposure to the sun. Pigment spots mainly occur where the skin has been exposed to light for many years. So primarily on the hands, cleavage and face. So apply a high sun protection factor to these areas all year round and avoid going to the solarium. If you already have the brownish spots on your skin, only make-up, a laser treatment (from 50 euros for small pigment spots) or special acid creams will help.

Wrinkles between the nose and mouth

In popular parlance, the nasolabial fold is also called a sorrow fold. But it's not as bad as it sounds. After all, you could start out with people having a lot of fun and laughter in life. The cheeks sink down with age and thus cause the characteristic wrinkles to appear from the end of 30. These are favored depending on age, facial muscles and subcutaneous fatty tissue. Still no cause for alarm, because as I said - these wrinkles have character.

Bony hands

Why do you think the pop icon Madonna likes to hide her hands in gloves or in her pocket? Not because the look is so incredibly casual, but to hide your hands. Although the fitness-obsessed singer has a remarkable body for her age, the signs of the times do not pass her by and show up in front of everyone on her bony hands. This sign can be seen especially in very slim women over 50, because the connective tissue is no longer as strong and the subcutaneous fat is rather low.

Sinewy upper arms

When it comes to cosmetic surgery, many people think of the name Donatella Versace in addition to Nicole Kidman. Her face has undoubtedly been padded in several places. Her lips almost resemble a rubber dinghy, her hair is reminiscent of Barbie and her forehead is ironed smoothly without wrinkles. What she does reveal, however, are her upper arms. Because under the armpits, the sinewy arms wrinkle quite nicely.

Light lines on the neck

The natural beauty of Monica Bellucci, for example, has a different problem. Although the Italian actress is not one of the size zero women and therefore does not have to struggle with sinewy arms and bony hands, you can see her age a little. On the neck of the beautiful actress there are light lines that are characteristic of women from around 40 years of age.

Tired eyes and bags under the eyes

Many mature women do not have a very good relationship with their eyes because they are nasty traitors when it comes to real age. However, dark circles are not decisive for age, because younger people can also be affected by the dark shadows under the eyes due to poor nutrition, lack of exercise and too little sleep. Bags under the eyes, on the other hand, are a clear sign for women in their mid-40s. Because precisely under the eyes, the muscles and connective tissue weaken with age and make the accumulations of fat even more evident, which were still hidden under firm skin at a young age.

Small crow's feet on the eyes

The small wrinkles are also more likable and less annoying for us. Nevertheless, the wrinkles on the outer sides of the eyes indicate the decreasing elasticity of the tissue and thus increasing age. These wrinkles appear from around the age of 40, especially when you laugh and squint your eyes, and when you are exposed to UV rays. Botox can help, but is rather short-term and exaggerated, because you can wear laugh lines with pride without hesitation.

See in our photo show which 10 signs reveal your age and how these express themselves in the case of the stars.

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