Singapore practices socialism

: Why the rich get richer


Read on one side

"If almost half of the gross national product is provided by agriculture and only 12 percent by industry and if the total growth rate is 5.8 percent, then surely the farmers must also have benefited noticeably?"

The senior official I spoke to, who was characterized by openness and practicality, shrugged his shoulders and said: "This number fetishism that you all have is really grotesque. You mean, when it says on paper, the growth rate is higher than five or even ten percent, then everything would be fine. I grew up in the village, I know that one cannot work with scientific methods in a developing country. Then the opportunism of those who give their numbers becomes a very specific one Want to achieve a goal, multiplied by the ignorance of others, and what comes out then you take to be objective facts. "

There have been many discussions with Europeans, Americans and Asians on the subject of how one can avoid that only those who are better off than everyone else benefit from development aid. Who is sworn in on free enterprise, he of course sees the panacea in the liberal market economy and also finds some confirmation in the fact that where it is practiced in Asia - Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan - the economy is flourishing, for which entirely different reasons may be decisive. Anyone who believes in the utopia of absolute social justice, on the other hand, is convinced that only an ironically implemented socialism can lead to the goal, and believes that where it has so far failed to bear fruit, for example in India, not enough socialism will be practiced.

Anyone who is less dogmatic and knows the shortcomings of both methods is full of skepticism, but also without advice. Of course, only an observer can afford this. The politicians who are now supposed to take matters into their own hands in Pakistan are inevitably pushed towards socialism. Yes, there will even be a certain rivalry as to which of the two heroes is the more uncompromising socialist - the impatience of the expectant masses will see to that. Because, don't forget: Pakistan, with a population of 120 million, ranks fifth among the most populous countries in the world.