Why are Turks so funny

Clichés can be very funny

Murat Isboga was a guest at the Capitol Theater with his new comedy program "Der Lieblingstürke". Accentuated clichés, exaggerated Turkish accents and self-irony spiced up Isboga's funny program with a serious message in the end. Murat Isboga from Lüdenscheid believes that the fact that he lives in Germany as a third generation Turk is funny enough to turn it into a comedy program. The theater pedagogue and cabaret artist was a guest at the Capitol Theater on Monday with his new solo program “Der Lieblingstürke”. He talked about his “difficult” childhood, about “Intekrassion” or the differences between Germans and Turks.

Accentuated clichés, exaggerated Turkish accent, charm and self-irony spiced up Isboga's funny program with a serious message in the end. The comedy evening was organized by the Kolping City of Kerpen and the Society for Intercultural Understanding (GIVE), which has been organizing homework supervision, German courses and other educational and leisure activities in the Kerpen and Düren area since 2011. “I want to bring the nations together” Regardless of whether Isboga pulled “the Germans” or “the Turks” through the cocoa - the visitors to the Capitol laughed equally at the jokes. Purpose accomplished. “I want to bring the nations together,” said the 32-year-old, who last visited the Jahnhalle in spring with the German-Turkish theater group “Halber Apfel”, which he founded, and the play “Stefanie integrates the Öztürks”. Isboga showed humorous and exaggerated small examples of everyday life how Germans tick, how Turks tick, how it fits together or not and what misunderstandings all of this can lead to.
It has already happened that a Turkish mother came to the parents' day in her wedding dress or showed a driver the middle finger to thank them. On the other hand, that a German mother, beaming with joy and proud, announced to the Turkish boy that she had made pork roast. Clichés often played a role in the comedy program. Isboga knew that the media were not innocent of their emergence. After all, in recent years they have managed to automatically associate a man with a dark beard with terrorism. "Even my father said to me:" Boy, go to the hairdresser's, you look like a terrorist, "" Isboga chatted and told me how he picked up an ordered wall clock from the post office. In a big box. With whom he was waiting for the bus at the bus stop: “Me. Man with Beard. Big box on your lap. Carton is ticking. ”The old woman next to him looked at him out of fearful eyes and finally preferred to walk. “Damn it, we both thought the same thing, but we didn't talk about it,” said the indignant comedian, who believes: “A lot has gotten better in the past 20, 25 years, but we still don't really know each other” and advises : “Talking to each other would be a good start.” At least laughing together worked quite well in Kerpen.