What should a brunch menu contain?

How to plan the perfect brunch

When the world goes idle for two days on the weekend, the same ritual goes on in many apartments and gardens: friends, relatives or neighbors meet in the late morning for a brunch. And while they eat, talk and enjoy brunch together, they drift through the day. Because those who have a delicious brunch take their time. Repeatedly going to the richly covered brunch buffet is part of the custom and excludes hectic rush and haste from the start. Because the brunch doesn't start before ten o'clock, everyone can sleep in beforehand. And because it only ends in the early afternoon, nobody has to worry about lunch either.

Brunch: the perfect way to start the weekend

It is not exactly clear where the custom comes from. In the USA, brunch has been known since the First World War. The word "brunch" from "breakfast" and "lunch" is ascribed to the English author Guy Beringer. In 1895 he praised the merits of this meal in his essay “Brunch: A plea”. His text on brunch came from a time when people in English houses still liked to serve an early dinner of braised potatoes, vegetables and meat pies on Sundays. Heavy fare.

Slight change from heavy fare

Why not choose a lighter meal instead, which starts in the morning with tea, coffee, orange juice, jam and other breakfast side dishes before turning to lunch such as antipasti, gnocchi or salmon, Beringer wondered. And because breakfast is canceled as a result, the brunch also perfectly suits the preferences of the weekend night owls. Beringer came to the conclusion: "The brunch is cheerful, sociable, and inciting. It puts you in a good mood, makes you happy, and drives away the anger of the past week." Nothing has changed to this day. The only question left is: Can you still have a relaxed brunch if you have to organize the brunch buffet yourself?

This is how you can plan your brunch in a relaxed way

Fortunately, stress can be easily avoided - with a little organizational skills. So you should invite the guests for brunch early enough to plan the scale:

  • How many chairs do we need?
  • Is the table big enough for the brunch buffet?
  • Do we have enough dishes in the house?

Because the guests often switch between cold and warm dishes at brunch, they need plenty of dishes. If your own plate range is manageable, colorful paper plates or sustainable disposable tableware can be an alternative. The table for the brunch buffet should be easily accessible - and - when using hotplates or hotplates - close to a socket.

This turns brunch into a low-calorie enjoyment

Most of the cold dishes for lunch and breakfast buffet can be prepared in peace and quiet the day before brunch. If some of the guests bring their own dishes, it increases the variety and saves work.

If you want to watch out for calories at brunch, you could serve whole grain rolls or bread in addition to fruit and salads. The fiber in the buns keeps digestion going. A cold cut platter at the brunch buffet for figure-conscious people is best made of raw or cooked ham, thinly sliced ​​salmon or, if you like, low-fat cheese. Hearty egg dishes such as scrambled eggs or omelets are just as important as porridge or muesli. After all, nowadays people often start the day with a healthy porridge.

Quark dishes, yoghurt or low-calorie finger food such as cucumber, tomato or carrot round off the lean brunch buffet. If you don't count calories, you can of course also use jam, croissants and Nutella.

With the warm dishes, lamb fillet, turkey breast or refined soups could help make the brunch lunch meals easier. If you prepare your Tomten recipes in the Thermomix®, for example, you will save additional time.

And how do you feel about the eggs? If they're boiled or poached, they're not a problem. On the contrary: thanks to their high protein content, the eggs are an important filler for a perfect brunch.

Suitable recipes for your brunch

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