Which is the happiest pet animal

Quokkas on Rottnest Island - The happiest animal in the world

Do you believe in love at first sight? I don't usually, but I fell in love with the quokkas on Rottnest Island from the first second. How can you be so cute please? When I first met the animals on the Australian island of Rottnest Island, I would have loved to take one with me as a pet. The animals seemed so trusting and positive to me. No wonder, because quokkas are said to be the happiest animals in the world.

Where do quokkas live?

Quokkas live in Australia, sometimes in individual areas on the mainland, but mainly on offshore islands. Probably the most famous island, where you are very likely to see the cute little quokkas, is called Rottnest Island. There are said to be well over 10,000 of these animals. As soon as we set foot on the island, we saw the first of them. They are absolutely not shy, when entering the island you will be asked not to get too close to the animals or not to stroke them, but the animals seem so used to us humans that they come up to you themselves. The island can be reached by ferry in around 45 minutes and it has more to offer than "just" these cute little animals.

You can find out more about Rottnest Island here: The west coast of Australia

But what are quokkas actually?

Rottnest Island got its name for good reason. It used to be assumed that the Quokkas are related to rats, hence the name Rottnest (Rattennest) Iceland. In any case, a certain similarity cannot be denied. In truth, the quokkas belong to the kangaroo family and are therefore also called "short-tailed kangaroos". So a quokka is not a rodent, but a marsupial.

The happiest animal in the world- Why Quokkas always smile

The small-tailed kangaroo just always smiles, in every photo, and has become one of the most popular animals among humans. A quokka can't help but smile, because it's innate. And it is precisely this disposition that earns the animals the title of the happiest animal in the world.

Correct use of the quokkas

Even if they are so small and trusting and come up to you on their own: You shouldn't stroke them. Quokkas are still wild animals and petting them can have negative effects.

Furthermore, one should definitely not feed the happiest animals in the world. Because they do not tolerate human food at all.

I am sure that the first time you meet a Quokka, you will be blown away immediately. Betting? πŸ™‚

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