Most wealth advisors are wealthy

From what investment amount is an independent investment advisor worthwhile?

In our experience, investment advice is always worthwhile.

We tried to get advice from AWD in a comparable situation (we didn't inherit anything, but our children moved out, it's similar ...). The briefing was very extensive and lasted about 4 hours.

After this first appointment it took about 2 weeks, after which we received a - written - analysis of around 40 pages, which was explained to us by the consultant. He then gave us various investment options (as well as options for optimizing the existing, already completed investment - standing orders).

We already had the impression that the offer was individually tailored to our financial situation. Inquiries from acquaintances who had also participated in an AWD consultation showed that other systems were suggested to them.

We do not have the impression that we have been ripped off. The costs of around 100 € are only due if the recommendations are accepted (usually you also get a more or less usable voucher for it).

If you think it's all worthless, say thank you and goodbye.

Since then we have sought advice from the investment advisor (and paid nothing more for it) and are quite satisfied.

The advantage of such a larger company is simply the extensive knowledge that with the help of a "back office" is permanently maintained and can be used by me as a customer.