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The 5 most beautiful gifts to move in

Surprise with a special housewarming present

Are you invited to a housewarming party and are you still looking for the perfect gift with which you can make your friends very special? The selection of housewarming gifts is diverse. Whether classics, such as bread and salt, a self-made decorative piece or even a live band that plays at the opening ceremony - in this article we present 5 beautiful gift ideas that go well with every opening.

The 5 best housewarming gifts

1. Housewarming gift idea: bread and salt

If you like it traditional and appreciate small gifts with great symbolic meaning, you can give bread and salt. The classic saying “bread and salt. God receives ”makes it clear that this is more a blessing than a practical gift for initiation. The bread stands for that nobody should go hungry and the salt for the right seasoning in life. Of course, it would be a shame to simply hand the host a piece of bread from the bakery next door and a packet of salt. It is nicer to give a delicious homemade bread mix and a special salt mix. We have found a great recipe for you here.

2. Housewarming gift idea: Self-made decoration

You should feel comfortable in a new apartment. Granted, not all of us are great talents when it comes to handicrafts, but everyone is guaranteed to get this gift! A self-sewn pillow made of cool fabric is not only cozy, but also a real eye-catcher. Whether as a seat cushion for the kitchen or garden or as a cozy reading cushion for the couch or bed - here you will find simple instructions and ideas for very different pillows that you can give away for the inauguration.

3. Housewarming gift idea: Your own recipe book

What did you just say? Nobody should go hungry? Then there is the more detailed version of bread and salt. If you have just as much fun trying out new dishes, then we now have the right idea for you: a homemade cookbook! Does that sound like a lot? The recipe book doesn't have to be thick. With just ten favorite recipes you can create a wonderful gift for the inauguration.

4. Housewarming gift idea: Homemade picture frame

There are probably two different types of people: The ones who set up everything essential in the new apartment and then don't feel like it anymore - and then the others for whom there is nothing bigger than hanging up pictures and putting flowers in every free corner of the room. Regardless of which category the recipient of your gift belongs to - it's always nice to have a photo of the two of you hanging in your new apartment. This picture becomes a special highlight when you hand it over in a frame you made yourself. Whether simple, unusual or elegant - the possibilities are diverse. See if you like any of these ideas.

5. Housewarming gift idea: Live music to move in

Here comes our favorite gift idea for the inauguration: surprise the hosts of the inauguration party with a concert! Don't worry, you shouldn't compose a song. Much better: You invite a professional band to a living room concert. Whether it's a house, apartment or flat share - at SofaConcerts you will find bands and solo musicians who will make your debut in your new home unforgettable. If you don't know the musical taste of the recipient, you can also give away a voucher for a sofa concert. With this, the hosts can get a band into the new four walls themselves. Are you planning an inauguration ceremony yourself soon? A living room concert offers the perfect opportunity to thank your moving helpers and to get to know your new neighbors.

Artists for your housewarming ceremony

We hope that you found a nice housewarming present in this post! Of course, these ideas are not only suitable for an initiation. No matter what occasion you are looking for live music - with us you are guaranteed to find the right band! We are happy to advise you personally at any time and, together with you, will find sympathetic and professional artists who fit your ideas perfectly!

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