Avon goes out of business

On September 15th, exactly 125 years ago, the world's largest direct marketing company for cosmetics, Avon, was founded. What began as the idea of ​​New Yorker David McConnell, namely to give women the opportunity to earn their own income and thus independence by selling cosmetic products, has developed into a worldwide mass movement over the years. In over 100 countries, Avon offers women not only high-quality cosmetic products but also attractive earning opportunities as an Avon consultant and thus economic independence.

Women's company Avon

In general, Avon sees itself as a company for women. On the one hand, Avon sells products related to beauty for women by women, but the cosmetics company is also committed to women's issues as a whole, worldwide. For example, Avon has been involved in the fight against breast cancer for many years, an issue that affects many women around the world. The situation is similar with the topic of "domestic violence", on which Avon has also become active. As a women's company, Avon would like to continue to improve women's lives, point out problems or grievances and help eliminate them.

The 125th anniversary of the global company is being celebrated with increased commitment in these areas. Avon has made an extra two million dollars available to further the fight against domestic violence. The money is intended to help the victims of domestic violence - women and their children - quickly and unbureaucratically. In this context, it is also important for Avon to raise awareness of the problem worldwide.

Anniversary remake of the first Avon perfumes

To celebrate the important anniversary of Avon, the cosmetics company is launching a new edition of the fragrances that started it all: the "Little Dot" fragrance set. With these small perfume bottles, the founder David McConnell wanted to boost his book sales. After the fragrances became a real hit, he founded the Avon company. This very first Avon product is now available in a limited edition and a modern version. The “Little Dot” fragrance set contains three small flacons of the floral fragrances hyacinth, rose and violet in a charming gift box.

History of Avon

It all started on September 15, 1886, when David H. McConnell, a bookseller, founded Avon in New York. He had noticed that he could sell his books even better at the front door if he gave the women a small, home-made perfume. At some point he realized that the women were more interested in his perfumes than in the books and he decided to only sell fragrances - from house to house. The idea for the Avon company was born and founded. Right from the start, David McConnell relied on female saleswomen who sold his perfumes and other cosmetics directly from woman to woman. In doing so, the founder of Avons demonstrated not only good business acumen, but also social commitment. Because David McConnell offered women the then very rare opportunity to earn their own money and support their families, years before women were even given the right to vote.

Avon today

Meanwhile, Avon has become one of the largest cosmetics companies in the world, with sales of more than $ 10 billion a year. This makes Avon the world's largest direct sales company for cosmetics. Around 6.5 million Avon consultants regularly visit 300 million customers in more than 100 countries worldwide and sell beauty products - individually and from woman to woman. As independent business women, women can decide for themselves how much time they want to invest in their business and what working hours they want.

Avon in Germany

Avon has also existed in Germany since 1959. As a consultant, Avon already offered women the opportunity to be independent businesswomen, to earn their own money and thus to be independent. In addition, this independence was and is ideal for women to combine work and family.

In Germany, too, Avon campaigns for the women's issues "breast cancer" and "domestic violence". Avon has been involved in the fight against breast cancer in Germany since 2002 and sells solidarity products, the proceeds of which are used to support various breast cancer organizations. So far, more than two million euros have been collected. Money that is used in particular for the early detection of breast cancer and education. Avon is also committed to the fight against breast cancer with the women's races "Avon Running" in Munich and Berlin. The women's runs under the motto "Running against breast cancer" generate donations and raise awareness of the disease.

Source: Avon