Do you like reading

If you liked that, you probably like too ...

Who does not know this sentence. Sometimes you have to be afraid of such sentences.

Do you know that too? Friends, acquaintances or relatives notice what you read. And then there are recommendations: “Oh, if you like this, you will LOVE this! I devoured it and it's so funny! ". Etc., pp. Or you get the said book pressed straight into your hand.

So you go out and get the recommended book or author. Excited, because the tips can't be that wrong, you throw yourself on the couch, open the first pages and start reading. The more lines you read, the more horrified you get. The recommended book is - to put it politely - not entirely your own taste. If you're honest, it's awful. But how can you make that clear to friends, acquaintances or even dear relatives?

You dutifully read more pages, but it doesn't get any better. Sometimes even worse.

I can only remember two authors who were recommended to me in this way and whom I still haven't gotten to grips with. I will probably be stoned for it. Said authors are Terry Pratchett and Anne Rice. I think Pratchett's idea is super funny, but I've only managed 50 pages of one of his books. The writing style just wasn't for me. I was then advised to try it in English, but so far I just haven't had the courage to do so. Anne Rice is too Christian for me and too much gossip. I've read “Interview with a Vampire”, which I thought was the best (but I think the film is even better), and some other one that I've forgotten the title of.

Has that happened to you before? Which books? I hope I'm not the only one feeling this way :).

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I was infected with the reading virus in my earliest childhood. My parents and brothers have always been very enthusiastic about reading and so infected me with it. I can't imagine life without books. Where should I flee to when the weather is bad and cold again?

There is hardly a genre that I don't read. Basically, I tend to reach for fantasy in any form, historical books and sci-fi. I'm a fan of Hohlbein, Karen Marie Moning, JR Ward, the Star Wars books and Perry Rhodan, and many more.

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