Can I swim from the UK to the USA?

According to the British media, an American woman was the first person to swim the English Channel four times with almost no interruption. Until a year ago, 37-year-old Sarah Thomas was still being treated for breast cancer. She dedicated her record on the English coast to "all survivors out there".

Because of the strong currents, the total distance should have been about 210 kilometers according to calculations by the BBC. The ultra marathon swimmer started early Sunday and finished her record after 54 hours in Dover, UK. According to the regulations, she was allowed to take a ten-minute break after each crossing.

She was tired and overwhelmed, said Thomas. She just wanted to sleep now. As a welcome there was champagne and chocolate. The salt water was particularly troubling for her while swimming. "Your throat hurts, your mouth and your tongue," said the 37-year-old in a hoarse voice after her arrival. In addition, a jellyfish swam in her face. The last crossing from France to Great Britain was the hardest. "It took forever and the current drove me away."

So far, according to the media, only three swimmers have swum the English Channel three times without stopping. According to a swimming coach who specializes in the English Channel, around 300 people try to swim the more than 30 kilometers wide strait between Great Britain and France every year. The preparation time is about two years, said Loretta Cox from Cornwall in southwest England to the PA news agency. Even a single crossing is as exhausting as doing three marathons in a row.