Is Derek Jeter an overrated outfield player

The slightly different cops

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just pointless ... but good movie ....


Very good, really funny film.


so i thought the film was pretty cool, the drinking orgy was awesome

hmm ... oh man ... i was hoping you will see more of dwayne johnson ... :(
but: top sb!

Dirty Mike and his boys xD !!!

Also found the film surprisingly good ... but you can't go wrong with Will Ferrell anyway: D (except for his weird dinofilm there;))


Well, it was actually a bit long, but also some damn cool gags.

I don't like Will Ferrell. :(

@Furious Taz:

Not everyone has to like it ^^
For example, I found him in Eisprinzen and Old School just great: D

@Furious Taz:
Neither do I, but in this role he was really perfectly cast and hilarious

Dirty Mike tries even longer to make the orgy in the car palatable to Allen and Terry.
One of the best scenes where I screamed out laughing.

Dirty Mike and his boys xD !!!!

Quite a lame and totally overrated film with a good will, but an extremely weak mountain of choice. The fact that the film is so well received by the audience is due to the fact that there have only been much slower films to be seen before, or because the audience is mentally just as flat as the "jokes" in the film.