Can you see daemons in fear of night

Evening prayers

Dear Heavenly Father,
in the evening of this day I come to you
with my thanks.
You accompanied and kept me through the many situations of the day.
I am not even aware of some dangerous situations because you have averted disaster.

I thank you for all the nice encounters that took place on this day,
for all the good words that someone has said to me - and that I could speak to another.
I thank you for all carefree laughter and all happiness.

But I also bring you the worries of this day and all unresolved problems.
Not everything went well today. There were moments when I got angry, when I didn't know what to do next, when I felt lonely and scared.
I will show you everything that has remained incomplete today and ask you,
that you - where it is possible for me - give the strength to bring things to an end,
and there - where it is not possible for me - to wrap inadequacies in your love.

I hold out my guilt for this day to you too. You know the moments when I was hurt, lied, loveless, unjust, ... was. Look at me with compassion and forgive me.

I bring you all the people who are close to my heart.
You know who needs your closeness especially at the moment, because he or she is sick, lonely, fearful, discouraged, ... is. Hold them all in your hand - and open my eyes so that I can see where I am needed - and open my heart so that I can act.

I thank you that I can go into the night with the certainty that you are there, that you love me and that I can fearlessly look forward to a new day.