How does DKNY Parfuem smell

DKNY Women
Eau de Parfum Spray Energizing of DKNY

Ingredients of DKNY Women Eau de Parfum Spray Energizing by DKNY


Customer ratings
4.8 (42 customer ratings)
Super great fresh and sensual fragrance that lasts for a long time. My absolute favorite fragrance for years.
Fast delivery! I'm completely satisfied! Highly recommended!
I can only recommend this fragrance very fresh and sensual at the same time.
In addition to Anick Goutal eau d'hadrien, and Aqua die Parma, this has been my favorite perfume for years and I get asked about it again and again.
So unfortunately I can't agree with all of the reviews. I think the perfume smells very unpleasant, sorry but that's not my scent: - ((((
Fresh, floral fragrance. Ideal for spring and summer. I can only recommend.
Super refreshing scent, gladly again.
one of my favorite fragrances !!!!
Absolutely recommendable seller, thank you !!!
Fast delivery .!!!! Fragrance top !!!!! Thanks !!!!
Super fast delivery. This has been our favorite fragrance for many years. Thank you for the great price-performance ratio. Gladly again.
Actually a good scent, but it's not for me. Nevertheless, I give it 4 stars because my mom likes the scent!
My absolute favorite fragrance for years.
super perfect long-lasting fragrance; TOP
Kerstin R. from Betzenstein
I love this fragrance. After a long break I bought it again spontaneously. And reordered several times since then. You can't go wrong with that. And the price is great, it's even an EDP!
Just a great scent. Not arrogant and yet refined in its note. I am often asked for the name of the perfume. Just great.
I have been using DKNY Women for a long time, the scent is sensual and happy! I can only recommend this fragrance. :-) Many <3 thanks for the fast delivery! And the price-performance ratio can't be beat either. Thank you very much again.
The perfect fragrance for the summer, lasts a long time, have been using the fragrance for years and has often been asked about the fragrance, it couldn't be better ,,,
I still give this fragrance 5 stars, even if it didn't impress me as much as the other fragrances from DKNY, because everyone has a different feeling about what smells good and what doesn't.
Long-lasting fragrance; TOP and one of my favorites
A super great perfume that I've been using for years, the price simply unbeatable, thank you and so on. I have recommended your site to countless friends.
the scent is rather subtle but still good for the summer
A super sensual and happy fragrance, super fast delivery and gladly again. Thank-you
Super fragrance. Sensual and still fresh. To fall in love
Kerstin S. from Unterlüß
The smell couldn't convince me. ..
Katja F. from Kraichtal
Fresh scent, yet sensual and, above all, it lasts for a very long time
A very fresh, long-lasting fragrance that has accompanied me in every season for years. I have both versions EdP and EdT, the price is TOP. I have given it away many times, always goes down very well.
Karin M. from Karlshagen
One of my favorite fragrances for a long time, always fits and long-lasting fragrance. I always have it at hand. Karin Mähl from Karlshagen
Gisela D. from Schmalkalden
A wonderful fragrance that I've been using for many years and that I wouldn't want to miss. Gisela D. from Schmalkalden
For years my companion through all seasons. My friends also like it on me discreetly and not intrusively and I've often given it away and spread great joy with it!
Karin M. from Karlshagen
A fresh, very long-lasting subtle fragrance. One of my favorites for years. Karin M.
Great fragrance that I've been using for a number of years and that is very long-lasting. The price is unbeatable and you can only recommend the article, which I have often done in my circle of friends.
Received as a gift for the first time 7 years ago, I've only been wearing this fragrance since then. I love the citric freshness in the top note and the woody scent of the heart note. This unobtrusive perfume fits summer as well as winter. Good quality, unchanged for years, found here at an unbeatable price and always to be recommended.
Ilka R. from Bad Muskau
I love this fragrance, it is light, unobtrusive and does not overwhelm you. Yes, citric notes predominate, but not in boring nuances. The durability is great, the EdP even more than the EdT, but I use both versions. For me this scent always works and it doesn't remind me of any cleaning products, as you sometimes read in reviews. Nevertheless, I would no longer order or buy fragrances blindly, because every skin "ticks" differently and reflects the scent accordingly. In any case, this fragrance is one of my favorite ones.
Sabine D. from Pinneberg
great fragrance have been using him for years. Price performance ratio good.
Wonderful, fresh and yet long-lasting fragrance. Suitable for all seasons and all occasions. Has been on the market for many years and remains enchanting. Here at the top price. Recommendable!
Very nice, citrus fragrance with a nice warm, woody finish, ideal for summer, for work and for leisure. It has a very good shelf life, a strong sillage and gives the wearer a personal touch.
Great fragrance, very fresh and long-lasting, I am absolutely thrilled, and also great value for money.