Why is anti-Welsh racism so often ignored

Debate on Racism: Dangerous Twist

Even liberals and leftists are no longer immune to being branded as racists. This is a new kind of excess.

For some time now, there has been a heated discussion of racism in Germany and around the world Photo: Christophe Gateau / dpa

People with a migration background speak up. You are educated, articulate. They want to denounce racism, no longer just the racism that is bluntly propagated by fascist parties; not even those who are still in the laws and institutions. You want to pull him out of the most remote corners of language, culture, memory. You initiate #MeTwo debates.

For some time now, there has been heated discussion of racism in Germany and around the world. As some evidence suggests, the debate can also take a dangerous turn. The criticism of racism then no longer leads to new solidarity, but serves to celebrate an affirmed victim status and threatens to degenerate into self-affirmation.

Some developments point in this direction, although it is not clear how effective they are. With a quasi-religious furor, a new generation of people of color wants to exterminate even the most hidden racist impulse in the soul. Even the liberals, even the left, who have always been a safe haven for foreigners in the country, are no longer immune to being branded as racists.

Recently said in one mirror-Interview the educational scientist DiAngelo that "it is hardest to talk to liberals". They would not accept that they are racist. Racism has nothing to do with intentions, it is said. It is already built into the structures. Anyone who is not black / PoC (and therefore automatically “white”) is inevitably a racist because of his privileged birth.

Armed with the moral armor of minority status, these new minority representatives are always right, as they speak from experience of discrimination. Perception of discrimination, this apparently indisputable experience, equips its speakers with the moral right to be in possession of the truth. They ceaselessly denounce racist resentment, but are themselves full of resentment towards those who they consider to be the dominants.

In the post-Christian age no one will want to accept the well-known church doctrine of original sin. Even the churches hardly talk about it anymore. The new original sin, racism, however, has a full impact, at least in liberal circles. Who knows, perhaps the new doctrine of original sin is as powerful as its Christian predecessor.

Alleged privileges

The author of these lines is lucky (!) That he was born to be unaffected by this original sin. As a university professor, I undoubtedly enjoy many privileges that the vast majority of society (black, white, or Turkish) do not have. According to the logic of the new racism critics, however, I can accuse my Germanic colleague, a well-trained sociologist who has to go from one third-party funding application to the next, to his “privileges” and, if necessary, derive racism from them.

The very first rule, the expulsion of the immensely scandalized question: "Where are you from?" As racist, is sufficient evidence of the excess

You have to bear in mind the perverse logic that is at work here: Even if I wanted to, I could not submit to the new cultural paradigm of “confess how racist you are”. While “whites” don't no Can be racists can I don't even be racist. How fortunate? I feel completely discriminated when I am denied the opportunity to be racist. Being allowed to be racist is and remains a “white privilege”. The guru of the microaggression thesis, Derhard Wing Sue, did not want to accept that a “white” teacher also wanted to have been a victim of microaggression.

As the sociologists Campbell and Manning in their study “The Rise of Victimhood Culture. Microaggressions, Safe Spaces, and the New Culture Wars ”, he saw in this an abuse of his concept.

So are political positions distributed according to origin? Are we not then in dangerous proximity to a non-racial, but certainly a racial, way of thinking?

History of the original sin

Liberal Europeans have a new original sin to work off of. Western civilization is probably the first whose self-image not only allows, but actually prescribes, that the weak can accuse the powerful of being the powerful. As a descendant of the Ottomans, whose sense of conquest was in no way inferior to that of the Europeans, I can hardly imagine that something like this could happen there, but also among the Romans, ancient Greeks, Mongols, in the Hindu empires, not to mention the Middle Kingdom, would have ever been conceivable.

For many People of Color, however, the story begins with Western colonialism and, as the postcolonials teach us every day, it will never end. The picture becomes all the more absurd when more and more descendants of Ottomans and Arabs slip into the outfit of People of Color and denounce colonialism as the never-ending beginning of the history of original sin. What an alliance!

For this alliance, the brutal, inhuman racism of the Nazi racists is not enough for an anti-racist struggle. The very first rule, the expulsion of the now immensely scandalous question: “Where are you from?” As racist, is sufficient evidence of the excess.

Does the question of where does a direct or indirect path lead to the public murder of a person? Can a racist murder be possible, can the murderous racism be traced back to such questions at all?

In the case of racial racism, the outcome is very clear: murderous. In the case of the question of origin in "everyday racism", the possibilities for an exit from the situation are almost infinite. My wife asked me straight away where I was from. Luckily.