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Bios is ACPI incapable ???

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Halllo together, inferring problem. I formatted a 120 GB disk with MAXLLF low level formatter. Now wanted to play Win XP Home Edition with the original CD. But only came up to a blue screen he said to me: "The BIOS in this system is not fully ACPI compatible. Does anyone know what to do with it, or does he have a solution for installing an operating system before I tip the thing out of the window?" Thanks in advance maltmk

Answer 1 from hell

ACPI could be switched off in the bios e.g.

Answer 2 by maltmk

But haven't changed anything in the bios, where can I find the setting in the bios? As I said, I just deleted the record and wanted to replay

Answer 3 by hallogen

Your operating system supports ACPI but parts of your (on-board) hardware do not. Either you switch off ACPI in the bios or buy another board.

Answer 4 by maltmk

Someone will explain that to me, the operating system was supplied and belongs to the PC, how can it not recognize the hardware, especially since it was running before

Answer 5 by hallogen

It has nothing to do with the hardware detection either. You have any hardware in the system that does not support ACPI and there are a lot of them (TV cards, sound cards, etc.) and it is not on the packaging. I would switch off the ACPI in the BIOS and switch it on again after the installation. With XP it should go without any problems. In any case, it would refuse to try.

Answer 6 by maltmk

Then I'll try switching off once. Will you tell me where I can find it in the bios?

Answer 7 by hallogen

You could search under "POWER MANAGEMANT SETUP".
ACPI is not to be confused with APIC !!! We'll get that in the next Lexion !!!!! ;-))

Answer 8 from hell

I would do it the other way around with acpi switched on and install without cards because otherwise an error message would appear in the installation (no acpi mode found) then insert the cards and the cards that are not acpi capable in the bios switch off the pnp function on the interface and set up Manuel

Answer 9 by hallogen

This is of course also possible, but a little more complicated.
As far as I know, you can switch the ACPI on and off under XP with no penalty. I "only" have ME and after such an action I can confidently throw it out the window.

Answer 10 from hell

Afterwards yes but during the installation it asks you, but it depends on the Windows version (Windows xp without or sp1 or sp2)

Answer 11 from WeSt


you can easily install W2K even with deactivated ACPI and then update XP. That's how I got it done with an ancient machine.


Answer 12 from WeSt

Unfortunately, I didn't try to install XP directly. As I said, W2K can be installed without any problems.


Answer 13 from jeeva

It is very easy to press F5 when starting the XP installer and select Standard PC, then the installer will be quiet.

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