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Exchange programs of the TUM The best connections worldwide


1 Technical University of Munich TUM exchange programs Best connections worldwide Information event Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology summer semester 2014

2 The world is a book; if you never travel, you only know one page. (Aurelius Augustinus, n.ch) 2

3 TUMexchange study and internship worldwide 3

4 TUMexchange 6 continents, 25 countries, 90+ partners 4

5 TUMexchange studies worldwide (with a few exceptions in North America) free studies at a renowned TUM partner university for one to two semesters (extension only in consultation with TUM IC) Recognition of study achievements abroad possible after consultation with the own faculty Possibility of self-organized Internship in connection with the exchange. 5

6 TUMexchange services Nomination by the IC for an exchange place at the partner university Support from the IC when applying to the partner university Support from the host university with regard to accommodation, enrollment, orientation. Exemption from tuition fees at the host university Exception: individual North American universities 6

7 Latin America 7

8 Latin America Mexico 20 partner universities (including 5 technical universities) Cuba Language skills: Brazil: Portuguese Other countries: Spanish Costa Rica Colombia Brazil Chile Contact: Sabine Schrenk Argentina 8

9 Africa and Israel 9

10 Africa and Israel 4 partner universities including 1 technical university Language skills: English or Hebrew or Afrikaans Contact: Sabine Schrenk 10

11 Australia 11

12 Australia and New Zealand 7 partner universities Language skills: English Contact: Larissa Danschina 12

13 China 13

14 China, Hong Kong, Taiwan 14 partner universities Language skills: English Haribin Beijing Dalian Nanjing Shanghai Chengdu Hangzhou Taiwan Hong Kong Contact: Sabine Schrenk 14

15 India 15

16 India 10 partner universities including 8 technical universities Language skills: English Mandi India New Dehli Kanpur Mumbai Guwahati Kharagpur Bangalore Chennai Contact: Larissa Danschina, 16

17 Southeast Asia 17

18 Southeast Asia 14 partner universities (including 6 technical universities) South Korea Language skills: English Thailand Philippines Malaysia Contact: Larissa Danschina, Singapore Indonesia 18

19 Japan 19

20 Japan 9 partner universities Language skills: English for the lectures Japanese highly recommended, but not an application requirement Contact: Sabine Schrenk 20

21 Russia 21

22 Russia 7 partner universities including 3 technical universities Language skills: Russian and English St. Petersburg Moscow Tomsk Contact: Larissa Danschina, Russia 22

23 North America 23

24 North America 14 Canadian, 8 American partner universities (Attention! Not all partner universities offer places every year. Please refer to the TUMexchange website) Language skills: English or French (Quebec) Contact: Larissa Danschina 24

25 TUMexchange preparation Steps 1. Intensive own research, approx. 1.5 years lead time. Attention: semester times are different abroad! Read the fact sheets of the partner universities (TUMexchange website)! 2. Contact the international representative of the faculty / study faculty to coordinate the time for the stay abroad and the recognition of achievements. 3. Contact with the International Center 25

26 TUMexchange: Application Application for two universities in one of the following 2 regions possible: 1. USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Southeast Asia, South Korea, India, Russia 2. Latin America, South Africa, Israel, China, Taiwan, Morocco, Japan + ( optional) Declaration that you are ready to go to another university proposed by the IC in the selected region. 26th

27 TUMexchange process Phase 1: Punctual submission of the complete TUMexchange application documents as a PDF by email (deadline in November 2014 for stays beginning between July 2015 and April 2016) Nomination confirmation or rejection by the IC before the end of the year Phase 2: Application to the partner university supported by IC admission at the partner university Phase 3: Organization of the stay (visa, insurance, flight, accommodation) on your own responsibility 27

28 What do we expect from you? Independence and initiative Active promotion for the exchange at the partner university Willingness to share your experiences with future outgoing students (report!) Convince the partners of the quality of the TUM students through your demeanor, motivation and intercultural sensitivity 28

29 Internships abroad Different formats of internships abroad: Compulsory internship or voluntary internship Research or industrial internship Flexible internship duration Help with the internship search TUM Careerservice: IAESTE e.v .: Financial support possible through foreign scholarships from the Bavarian Ministry of Culture, the Erasmus + program, the DAAD, etc. 29

30 PROMOS foreign scholarships Funding of theses and semester theses Study trips and competition trips (group trips) Application 2 application dates per year (and) Foreign scholarship from the Bavarian Ministry of Culture Funding of unpaid internships Self-organized study visits Application for selection based on the criteria of grades, motivation, commitment and language skills Contact: Angelika Weindel , 30

31 ATHENS Advanced Technology Higher Education Network / SOCRATES 1 week specialist course abroad Network of 24 European universities twice a year (March and November) One-week intensive courses on topics from engineering, natural sciences and mathematics Cultural and social support program Participation free of charge, travel and accommodation costs through personal contribution, currently mobility grant from IC Contact: Joanna Mederle 31

32 International Center Contact Larissa Danschina, North America, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Southeast Asia, South Korea, India Sabine Schrenk, Africa, China, Israel, Japan, Latin America, Taiwan Angelika Weindel Scholarships Abroad Joanna Mederle (SMS, Athens) Valérie Lechevallier (SMS, Double degree) Kornelia Schredl, ERASMUS internship advisor 32

33 TUM International Support program for international students at TUM Country evenings and excursions Contacts all over the world Speaking languages ​​as a tutor Gathering international experience Fun and nice people Contact: TUMi is looking for you! Contact: 33

34 Offer of the Language Center Semester-accompanying courses, block courses, cultural offers, exams for language certificates, etc. all free of charge! Munich Arabic Chinese Danish German as a Foreign Language English French Hebrew Italian Japanese Dutch Norwegian Portuguese Russian Swedish Spanish Turkish Intercultural Communication Garching Arabic Chinese German as a Foreign Language English French Italian Japanese Korean Portuguese Russian Swedish Spanish Weihenstephan Arabic Chinese German as a Foreign Language English French Italian Japanese Swedish Spanish Plus Self-Study Center in Garching Contact: 34

35 International Center of the TUM main building, main site, Arcisstr