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temporary work

Temporary work (temporary employment) is a way of bridging the time to the next permanent position. Here you will find basic information about this type of employment and answers to the most frequently asked questions about it.

Temporary work means "temporary work": an employee (the temporary worker) has signed an employment contract with a rental company (the lender) limited at one or more customers (the borrower). For this reason, temporary work is also called "temporary employment".

Temporary workers carry out simple work particularly often: every second person works as a helper. Basically there is all skill levels and almost all fields of activity in the form of temporary work. A third of all temporary workers work in professions that belong to the metal and electrical industries. Around a quarter work in the areas of traffic, logistics, protection and security. In the future, the proportion of temporary workers in occupations in the service industry will increase.

Legal framework for temporary work

As a temporary worker, you have the same rights and obligations as comparable employees of the hirer from day one. This applies to essential working conditions such as sick pay or vacation entitlement. If you work for the same customer for a longer period of time, you will usually be entitled to the same salary after 9 months as the regular workforce of the hirer.

You can find more detailed information in the leaflet for temporary workers.

Then temporary work is an option for you

Temporary work offers opportunities especially if you are unemployed or poorly qualified. The hiring hurdles are usually not as high as with permanent work. At the same time, you can gain work experience, acquire qualifications and expand your network of professional contacts. The transition to the next job is usually faster. Even if you are returning to work or are just starting out on the job, you can more easily gain a foothold in the labor market through temporary work.

Special opportunities for migrants

As a migrant, you can particularly benefit from temporary work. Qualifications obtained abroad are often difficult for employers to assess. Temporary work gives you the chance to put your skills and knowledge to the test - in the best case, with the prospect of a later permanent position with the hirer. At the same time, you learn the German language faster and can familiarize yourself with the German corporate culture.

If you are interested in a temporary employment position: The search results in our job search can be specifically filtered.

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Answers to common questions about temporary work

As a temporary worker, your employer is the temporary employment agency with which you have concluded the employment contract. The temporary employment agency also pays your wages. But you also have a manager in the hiring company. Like all other employees there, you are also obliged to follow the instructions of your superior.

The temporary employment agency primarily regulates how you are used as a temporary worker in the various companies. If you are to be employed by a new customer, the temporary employment agency must inform you in writing beforehand. The hiring company is then responsible for your induction at the new workplace.

Overtime is rarely remunerated, as a rule you receive time off for it. This is regulated via a working time account agreed under collective bargaining law, which is managed by the temporary employment agency.

Yes, there is a chance. However, you can only accept a permanent position in the company if one of the following requirements is met:

  • Your temporary employment relationship was limited and has expired
  • You have terminated the employment contract with the temporary employment agency

The employer, i.e. the temporary employment agency, issues the job reference. However, the user company is obliged to provide information about your work performance.

No, just like any other employee, temporary workers have no such right.

If your main area of ​​activity is in Hesse or North Rhine-Westphalia, as a temporary worker, like other employees in these federal states, you have the right to educational leave. This is an entitlement to paid time off with the aim of further professional training during this time.

In times when there is no loan, if you are not on loan from a company as a temporary worker, you may be able to take part in further training that the Federal Employment Agency supports.