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Smoke smell is very persistent and is perceived as annoying, especially by non-smokers. If you are a smoker yourself or allow other people to smoke in your apartment or in your car, you are then confronted with the penetrating smell in rooms or on textiles such as clothing, pillows, upholstered furniture, etc. This is undoubtedly unpleasant, so it is hardly surprising that almost all affected people want to get rid of the odor as soon as possible. In this guide we will tell you which odor elimination options are available to you.

Remove the foul smell of smoke from the apartment

If you smoke in an apartment for a longer period of time, the nicotine settles on the walls and furniture and leaves a yellow-brownish hue. The smell of smoke also sticks to clothing and textiles. What the passionate smoker himself may not even notice, however, becomes immediately clear to visitors in the apartment: there is a penetrating smell of smoke in the air. Removing this requires a few tricks.

The best remedy for the smell of smoke is of course not to let it arise in the first place. As a smoker, for example, you can simply smoke on the balcony or go to the front door. This may take some effort at first, but you will be richly rewarded for it. You will soon be enjoying fresh air in your home and the blue haze will stay outside. As a non-smoker, you can also easily prohibit visitors from smoking in your apartment. After all, as a host, you don't have to accept a smoky apartment just because there are visitors. So that your visitors still feel comfortable, just give them the opportunity to smoke on the balcony or in the garden.

If you have been smoking regularly or occasionally in your apartment and you now want to eliminate the smell of smoke, there are a few tips and tricks available to you to reduce or remove the smell of nicotine.

Home remedies for the smell of smoke

The smell of cigarettes can be eliminated quite well with a few simple home remedies. It is best to try out several of our tips at once to get a particularly effective result.

Emptying the ashtray: Never leave a full ashtray in the home. Always take the ashtray out immediately and empty it in the garbage can. This prevents the smell of cold ash from spreading in the apartment in the first place.

Ventilation: As simple and easy as it is. Ventilation is the classic and extremely effective when it comes to getting rid of the nicotine smell. But proper ventilation has to be learned. Unfortunately, ventilating on tipping does not do too much. In contrast, it is much better to ventilate a smoker's apartment several times a day. To do this, open the window completely and let fresh air flow in for ten minutes. You will achieve an even better effect if you ventilate across the room. To do this, open several windows in the apartment completely for about ten minutes.

Coffee: Place fresh or used coffee powder in a bowl in several places in the apartment. Coffee binds odors particularly well and also smells pleasant itself.

Lemon: Lemons are a real miracle cure for the smell of smoke. Simply cut a lemon into several slices and place them in a bowl of boiling water. Leave the bowl in the smoking room for several days and you will notice that the nicotine smell will dissipate over time.

Vinegar: An alternative to lemon is vinegar. Prepare a bowl of hot water and add a dash of vinegar. Place the bowl with the mixture in the smoking room for a few days so that the smell is bound and evaporated. If the cigarette smell is particularly persistent, it is worthwhile to distribute several containers with vinegar water in the room. You can achieve an even better effect if you also wipe smooth surfaces, such as furniture, with the mixture.

Scented candles: Scented candles create a pleasant smell in the home and can be helpful in eliminating nicotine odor.

Scented oils: Scented oils with fresh scent notes, such as citrus, orange or eucalyptus, cover unpleasant smoke odors.

Rose water: Rose water gives off a pleasant smell in the home. It is also said to bind unpleasant odors. Simply place a bowl of rose water in the smoking room for better indoor air.

Devices for eliminating & preventing smoke odor

You can achieve an even better effect than with home remedies with special air purifiers that professionally clean the air in your room and thus not only contribute to your well-being, but also to your health. Air purifiers are available in different price ranges and for different room and apartment sizes. They are not only effective against smells from tobacco smoke, but also against smells from pets, kitchen smells, paint smells and other unpleasant smells that are perceived as annoying in the home. Depending on the model selected, the air is not only cleaned of odors, but also of air pollutants and industrial pollution. In order for an efficient air purification to take place, however, a device must be selected that is designed for the corresponding room size. The performance of the device must therefore be adapted to the size of the apartment. Also ensure low energy consumption, low volume and a long service life for the filter.

Blueair Pro M air purifier

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Blueair Pro M air purifier
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Blueair 603 air purifier

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  • Improved air purification through ionization: Particles are safely removed

Remove the smell of smoke from the car

Many smokers do not want to go without their cigarettes in the car either. On longer journeys, in traffic jams or in stressful situations, it offers relaxation, is a stimulant or simply calms the nerves. In the long run, however, the cigarette smoke settles on the fittings and penetrates the upholstery, which creates an unsightly smell in the car. Any non-smoker who has ever ridden in a smoker's car knows what we're talking about. The smells in the car are difficult to remove. This is also annoying for the smoker, especially if they want to resell the car. Stale nicotine smell in the car reduces the value immensely. We have collected a few tips for you that will help you cover up or minimize the smell of cigarettes in the car.

Home remedies for the smell of smoke in the car

There are some well-known home remedies that can help get rid of the smoke odor in the car. Which of these works best for you is up to you to find out for yourself. Sometimes these tools can completely remove the odor. In other cases it is only covered, but not removed. Then further measures must then follow, which we will reveal to you below.

Emptying the ashtray: A full ashtray gives off a very intense odor of its own. You should therefore empty it every day if you smoke in the car.

Open a window: Always open the windows when you smoke in the car. There will still be smoke in the car, but not nearly as much as when the windows are closed.

Wipe surfaces: The interior of a car is very small and cigarette smoke has virtually no chance of escaping if the windows are not open. So he settles down. Therefore, wipe the surfaces thoroughly with a special cleaner.

Slice apples: Apples bind the smell and provide a pleasantly fresh scent. To do this, cut an apple in half and put it in the car for 24 hours.

Vinegar: Place a bowl of vinegar on the dashboard overnight to neutralize the odor.

Rice: Put a bowl of rice in the car overnight. It neutralizes the nicotine and binds the moisture.

Coffee: Coffee has an effect similar to rice. Put a bowl of ground coffee in the car overnight (or longer) to mask cigarette smells.

Flour: Flour also neutralizes nicotine and makes the ambient air more pleasant.

Lemons with baking soda: Put sliced ​​lemon wedges in a bowl and drizzle with baking soda to get rid of cigarette smells in the car.

Devices for eliminating and preventing the smell of smoke in the car

Nowadays people spend a lot of time in the car. You are not only exposed to unhealthy smells from cigarettes, but also from smog, exhaust fumes and fine dust. Mobile air purifiers put an end to and ensure fresh and clean air in the car through sophisticated high-performance filters. Various models also enable individualized use based on the size of the cabin.

Blueair Cabin air purifier

  • For cars, mobile homes and caravans
  • Against cigarette smoke, odors, pollen, exhaust gases, fine dust
  • Including HEPA filter
  • Outstanding filter performance
Blueair Cabin air purifier - for car, ...
Room size up to 7 m³ | for car, SUV, camper or truck | HEPA filter with activated carbon | filters exhaust gases, fine dust, tire wear and cigarette smoke in the passenger compartment
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Remove the smell of smoke from clothing

Unfortunately, the smell of smoke does not stop at clothing. You probably know it yourself: after a night in the smoke-filled pub or an evening with smoking friends, you smell like an ashtray even with your clothes. You smell and feel fresh again after a shower, but what happens to your clothes? Does it necessarily have to be washed or is there another way to remove the odor? We'll tell you.

Home remedies for the smell of smoke in clothing

With the home remedies below, you'll likely manage to minimize or even completely remove the smoke odor in clothing.

Hang laundry outside: Hang the smelly laundry on a drying rack or rotary clothes dryer that is outside. After a day at the latest, the smell of smoke should be gone.

Hanging clothes on the heater: If the weather outside is bad, you can hang your clothes on the heater. The heat removes foreign odors.

Blow-dry clothes: Hang your clothes loosely and just blow dry the odors out.

Coffee: Coffee neutralizes odors. Place a bowl of coffee beans under the drying rack with the smelly clothes. After about a day, the clothes should already smell a lot better.

Vinegar: Mix water and vinegar in a ratio of 2: 1. Put a bowl of the mixture near your clothes.

Baking powder: Place the garment in an airtight freezer bag along with a dryer sheet and about two tablespoons of baking soda. Shake the freezer bag so that the baking soda is evenly distributed. The baking soda contained in the baking powder neutralizes the smell of the clothes within about a day.

Devices for eliminating & preventing smoke odor in clothing

If the home remedies do not help, you have no choice but to use devices.

Dryer: Throw the smelly clothes in the dryer for 15-20 minutes. This can help to ensure that the smells are gone afterwards. If you also add two dryer sheets, these give the clothes a pleasantly fresh scent.

Washing machine: If nothing else works, all that remains is to put it in the washing machine and do a thorough wash. This should completely remove the odor and make the clothes fresh and clean again.

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