Who is the ultimate female role model

Women in IT

Is there the ultimate tip for a career in this industry?

Elisabetta Castiglioni: It has always been important to me to do something that I enjoy. You can only have the necessary composure if you have the right passion for something. In fact, I've been working in the technological environment since the late 1990s and have accompanied many developments from the start. I'm still excited about the topic - in terms of content and not because I'm a woman.

Women are still underrepresented in the IT industry, making up just under a third of employees. It looks even worse in top management, where seven percent of the positions are held by women. How do you observe this development?

Elisabetta Castiglioni: At conferences and events, I still mainly meet male colleagues. But something is happening. Noticeably more women have found their way into IT in recent years. Their share is increasing slowly but steadily - and that shows that we are on the right track. Many companies have recognized that female specialists and managers are important for economic success.

You are Italian, have lived in London for a long time and have worked in various international corporations. Do you see any differences?

Elisabetta Castiglioni: With our European neighbors, the issue is quite different. In Great Britain, for example, the proportion of female tech founders is 33.3 percent, in Germany it is just 13.9 percent. Nevertheless, women bosses are no longer the absolute exception here either. Both corporations and IT service providers are now run by women.

The A1 Digital management team consists of two women and seven men. Is it difficult to attract women to these positions?

Elisabetta Castiglioni: In fact, we continue to receive more applications from men, especially for management positions. One of the reasons for this is that women often look at the content of a position and have less focus on the career aspect. At A1, however, we explicitly promote the development of young women and I am personally involved in the A1 women's network "Women matter". I am firmly convinced that more female role models are needed to inspire young women for a professional future in the IT industry.

What advice would you give these young women?

Elisabetta Castiglioni: The IT industry is extremely exciting: Here you can shape the technological developments of tomorrow. Dare to go into this supposed male domain! Personally, I rely on professional and objective criteria when selecting applicants. And with the excellent results of many female graduates, I am convinced that these qualified young women will increasingly recommend themselves for interesting positions in the future.