What are the names of the zombies in Fortnite


As Sheaths or Shell creatures are generally the easy opponents in Fortnite designated. Covers are a kind of zombie with a skinned skull, the skin of which is worn around the neck like a hood. They can also appear on the map in different colors such as red, blue, or yellow. These are then element shells. They are particularly susceptible to the particular element.



The simple shells are hand-to-hand and most commonly found.


The huskies are noticeably wider and have more stamina than the normal hulls.


Throwers wear sportswear and throw bones at a distance.


Zappers wear cowboy clothes and inflict considerable damage with a pistol; in groups they are fatal.


The lobbers appear in the form of a woman and throw burning skulls at a great distance in a wide arc over obstacles.


Beehives always leave swarms of bees behind, which stay for a while and cause damage in the area; they can also send swarms forward to attack players from a distance. If they are hit by a head hit, the beehive is destroyed on the head and a normal shell remains, which has honey on the head. Thus, they are the only opponents who change their appearance through damage.


Dwarves are small hulls that are faster than normal hulls and make a big leap towards their targets, in groups they can quickly do a lot of damage.


Sploder are a form of the huskies, but they wear a red T-shirt and carry a propane gas container on their back, which they throw as soon as an opponent is near them.


Spotlights shoot many deadly rays.