The royal family name belongs to which caste

Caste system

Little is known about the beginnings of the caste system in Illea. Eight is the lowest caste, one is the highest.

When the caste system was introduced, America's ancestors received a letter stating that they were now five and their last name was changed from 'Cohen' to 'Singer'. In the case of a wedding, the male caste is always adopted. That's also the reason why Aspen America didn't want to get married at first, he didn't want to force her to move down the caste system.

In The Chosen One, Maxon Schreave is named king after his father is murdered by Southern Rebels. He already had plans to abolish the caste system and he told America that it would be a lengthy process and that he would gradually abolish one caste at a time from below. That means first the eights, then the sevens and so on.

Carter and Marlee Woodwork had the honor of becoming the first casteless citizens, even before the caste system was completely dismantled. Their son Kile is one of the first children in Illea to be born without a caste.

The caste system
Caste 1 The Royal family
Caste 2 Celebrities; including athletes, singers, actors and actresses, politicians, police officers, firefighters, guards and military members
Caste 3 Academics; including inventors, teachers, philosophers, scientists, doctors, veterinarians, dentists, architects, librarians, engineers, therapists / psychologists, directors, record producers, lawyers and writers
Caste 4 Business people; including jewelers, real estate agents, insurance brokers, chefs, site managers, real estate / entrepreneurs and farmers
Caste 5 Artists and performers; including stage actors, classical musicians, singers, dancers, photographers and circus performers
Caste 6 Workers; including secretaries, waiters, housekeepers, seamstresses, shop assistants, cooks and drivers
Caste 7 Craftsman; including gardeners, construction workers, farm workers, gutter / pool cleaners, garbage workers
Caste 8 including mentally / physically challenged people, drug addicts, runaways, homeless people
Casteless North and South rebels