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"Like the others, you were strong, quick and brave. The born leader. But you had something that the others lacked. Something that no one saw except me. You know what? ... luck."

Master Chief, actuallyJohn-117, is one of the SPARTAN II soldiers and protagonist of the Halo series, which is why he represents the playable character in each of the main parts.

The character is an icon for the Halo franchise.

Biography Edit source]

Childhood Edit source]

John was born on March 7th, 2511 in Elysium City, a city on a planet of the Eridanus system. There he grew up with his parents. At the age of six he was selected by Catherine Halsey as a potential candidate for the secret SPARTAN-II program because he was in very good physical and mental health. It quickly became clear that he had a special quality: luck.

He and 74 other children were replaced with "quick clones", i.e. clones that died very quickly so that the kidnapping would not be noticed. They were brought to Reach and Halsey told them that they were now defenders of the earth and its colonies. The very next day, John received his identification, John-117, and his armor.

For eight years he learned about history, weapons and military strategy and also received physical fitness training. He made friends with Kelly and Sam early on. John quickly became one of the top contenders and both Halsey and Mendez recognized this.

Early military history Edit source]

When the Spartans were already eight years old, they were sent on a training mission in which they were supposed to get safely to their Pelican rescue ship in a heavily snow-covered forest. They were also threatened with orders to leave the last child behind. However, John knew that he could never do this. John, who to his surprise was seen as the leader by everyone, managed to get everyone to the site, but there were armed men standing; UNSC Marines, actually, but they thought they were enemies. With great tactical skill he succeeded in knocking down the men and stealing the ship; but without leaving anyone behind. John then became squad leader, he even became leader of the SPARTAN-II Blue Team.

At 14, John was subjected to the dangerous SPARTAN-II augmentations, which killed 30 Spartans and disabled twelve. John, however, was one of 33 to survive the procedure unscathed. He was then said to have the strength of an eighteen-year-old Olympic athlete. Those procedures improved their reflexes, strength, eye strength and also hardened their bones.

In 2525 John John received his first mission against rebels in the asteroid ring in the Eridanus system, his home, during which he earned his first award.

Three months later, John and his SPARTANs were informed of the Harvest massacre shortly after their first contact with the Alliance (and thus their first ever contact with aliens). As a result, the SPARTANs received the MJOLNIR Mark IV armor. During an attack they were involved in a battle with the Alliance for the first time, where they were all supposed to destroy the Alliance ship with anvil bombs, with only John, Sam and Kelly, his two friends, reaching the ship which they were among the victims of Sam, whereupon John realized that the Alliance could only be defeated at the cost of numerous lives.

In 2526 an Alliance ship attacked the Curbulo Academy at the Battle of Circinius IV. The Academy had been destroyed in the beginning, but John was able to defend the surviving cadets after fighting his way to the Academy until they were eventually evacuated by Kelly-087 and Frederic-104. In that battle he first met Lasky, who was still a cadet at the time.

2544, John, Fred, Kelly, Solomon-069 and Arthur-079 are on the mission to find Dr. To rescue Halsey, who was held captive in an Alliance ship that was staying with several ships, which they should be able to do in ten minutes. They eventually infiltrated the flagship, with Arthur and Solomon dying in the course of the fighting, for which John blamed himself. Finally they were saved.

John served in over 200 campaigns against the Alliance Empire for the next 27 years. By the summer of 2552 he had received every existing UNSC medal with the exception of the Prisoner of War Medallion.

This information (from the beginning of the biography up to here) was taken from the English language Halo Wiki or its article by John-117, but not simply copied.

Halo: Fight for the Future [edit | Edit source]

After Planet Reach fell through the Alliance and almost all of the Spartans were killed, a ship attempted the Pillar of Autumnto escape the Alliance ships because they had too valuable cargo on board: Cortana and the Master Chief. A ship was still on their heels when they were finally attacked.

Inevitably, Chief, Cortana and some marines landed on a huge, alien construct that had a ring-shaped structure, but also had many landscapes. Captain Keyes manually landed the ship at another location, contrary to Cortana's requests, to rescue her. But there was great difficulty with the escape pods, and all of the Marines in Chief's pod had died and the others were scattered.

Now he and Cortana made it their business to rescue those marines; however, on the way he was discovered by the alliance. Eventually Chief managed to evacuate all the Marines with a Pelican and to repel the Alliance troops at the respective capsules, but when he was finally picked up himself, he learned that Captain Keyes from the Alliance was on the ship Truth and reconciliation was kidnapped.

Together with some marines, John managed to get into the ship by securing the landing platform. They found Keyes and a couple of marines in a cell deep inside the ship, where he - albeit relieved - reproached that Chief and Cortana shouldn't put themselves in unnecessary danger. After they had freed him from it, he fought together with them to get to a hangar, which finally succeeded. There they stole an Alliance ship, which Keyes was fortunate enough to steer, and they escape. Keyes reported what he had learned: They were on a so-called Halo.

Chief should now find the cartographer of Halo, whom they finally located among many obstacles. When Chief was finally alone with Cortana at the cartographer's, he learned through a terminal that the ringworld was not just a weapon, but rather that: the Halos were built by the Blood Fathers as a kind of fortress world. Apparently, however, the Alliance spotted something on the ring that scared them.

After Cortana gained full access to the system, she realized that the alleged Alliance arsenal that Keyes and his team are heading for was in fact not an arsenal. By means of the pelican Echo 419 they came to the last known location, where some Alliance troops fled from an unknown cause in panic. Chief went into the complex with Cortana and found some dead Marines; one with helmet records. Apparently they were all wiped out by a life form unknown to them, but Keyes was nowhere to be seen. In the next moment, however, Chief was attacked by those aliens, the Flood, and only narrowly escaped because they were suddenly supported by guards and the Illuminati 343 Guilty Spark, the latter teleporting them to another location at the last moment.

Spark took it to the so-called library and explained that the "index" was needed to activate installation 04, the ring, and thus neutralize the flood. Under the toughest resistance, as the Flood had already entered the complex (including with infected Alliance troops), the chief managed to reach Halo's control room. There, however, Cortana stopped him from activating the installation with the Spark index and took it for himself; there was nothing an angry Spark could do about it when Cortana explained to the chief that while the installation had been built to defeat the Flood, it wiped it out by destroying all organic life so that the Flood could no longer find food. With the Chief now refusing to activate the installation, Spark let the guards attack it, and Chief barely escaped with Cortana.

Knowing that the likelihood that the Illuminate could activate the halo without an index was too high, they realized that the only way to do this was to destroy it. In addition, they wanted the crashed one Pillar of Autumn detonate. However, in order to overload the ship's reactors, they needed the authorization code from Captain Keyes, whose location Cortana was able to locate, which is why she teleported Chief like the Illuminat there too.

Keyes was back in the Alliance ship Truth and reconciliationwhich had been overrun by the flood. Everything was "contaminated" and few Alliance troops were able to escape their grasp. Finally they found Keyes; it became a kind of inventory form of the Flood, the Proto-Gravemind. With no other way out, Chief killed him and then removed the implants.

With fierce opposition from the Flood, the Alliance and also the Illuminati, they finally made it Pillar of Autumn to blow up and about to escape with a smaller ship; not only did they do it, but Johnson too; the two realized that the destruction of the halo was only the beginning of their journey.

Halo 2 [edit | Edit source]

Due to the destruction of the halo installation 04, the Alliance cursed John and called him only "demon", as they worshiped the halos as gods who should take them on the "great journey" into the divinity promised by their prophets if they activated them . They did not know that if they were activated they would all simply die.

John receives his new Mark VI armor on Earth. A ceremony of honor will then be held for the fellow campaigners, both alive and dead. Miranda Keyes, daughter of Captain Keyes, also received a medal. However, due to hyperspace rifts reported by Cortana, that ceremony was canceled when 15 Alliance ships entered the sector. An ominous development as the Alliance discovered the homeworld of mankind.

In a space battle, John managed to destroy one of the cruisers with a bomb. After the UNSC received a loop of messages from the High Prophet of Regret asking for help, John was assigned to interrogate the Prophet after activities related to Mombasa. Shortly afterwards, Pelicans crashed after an attack. Despite stiff resistance, they managed to reach the center of the city of New Mombasa, which was besieged by the Alliance.

After more major skirmishes, John returned to the one commanded by Miranda Keyes In Amber Clad back. When the High Prophet of Regret tried to flee with the Alliance supercarrier by launching the ship into hyperspace while still in the atmosphere, the attacked In Amber Clad and then jumped with the ship together to the goal of the alliance. Around the same time, Tartarus and the - new - master, who at that time did not succeed in stopping the destruction of the halo, capture 343 Guilty Spark for the Alliance.

Surprisingly, the ship had inadvertently led them to another halo, Installation 05. John and some Marines continued on the mission to capture the Prophet to interrogate him about his intentions on Earth. On the path full of opponents, they heard a message saying that the Prophet was planning to activate the installation. Keyes then asked John to neutralize the Prophet while she met with Master Sergeant Johnson to secure the index.

When John had almost reached regret, met High charity entered orbit with a large defensive fleet and the ships began glazing. John was just able to save himself from it by jumping into the water, but was dragged down because of his armor; then really pulled. Meanwhile, Keyes and Johnson were in a skirmish with the master and Tartarus, which the latter was able to win without major problems (by knocking the two people unconscious). Tartarus explained to the master that he had received an order from the hierarchs, the prophets, to kill him, whereupon he pushed him into an abyss.

John and the master were then rescued by the Gravemind, or a Gravemind, which could easily grow under Installation 05 (an intelligent and well-developed form of the Flood, which was already causing problems). Of course, he wanted the halo to be prevented from being activated, as he and the Flood would then perish again. The master, who previously only heard from the prophets that the activation would elevate them to divinity, was angry. He demanded that the Lord, who was betrayed anyway, work with John and teleported John straight to High Charity. However, there was a civil war there and the Hierarchs Truth and Mercy escaped by an elevator.

While Sangheili fought against Jiralhanae, it crashed In Amber Clad, which was completely infected by the Flood, into high charity. However, Cortana was relieved to find that Johnson and Keyes were not on board. The prophet of grace eventually contracted a flood form of infection and died in agony. John then also had the Flood as a tough opponent.

The master teleported to the control room of installation 05 finally found out that the Brutes, the Jiralhanae, had turned against the Sangheili. He joined the other elites and fought his way to freedom, where he allied himself with the rebel leader of a large group of elites that he had actually fought against for some time. In the next instant, the Brute Tartarus Keyes and the Illuminati took a ship into the control room. However, when the master learned from Gravemind that it was not too late to save "her", he rushed to the control room, where he allied himself with Johnson. When they got to Tartarus and Keyes, the master got the Illuminati to report the purpose of Halos, but Tartarus refused to believe this and continued to speak of that Great Journey. In the battle that followed, the master killed the Brutes and Tartarus as well. the Illuminate stated that the rings were now on standby and could only be remotely detonated from the ark.

While Cortana was still on high charity, John had to land on Earth, where people were desperately holding their own against the Alliance.

Halo 3 Edit source]

John was with Johnson and some marines in the jungle of Kenya near Kilimanjaro. To be more precise, he jumped off the ship in front of the atmosphere and rushed there, with a piece of the on entering the atmosphere Dreadnought protected and then got lucky. The master Thel 'Vadam, whom John initially wanted to attack until he remembered the alliance between the UNSC and some Alliance separatists, joined the community.

The search party that had successfully found John then attempted to leave the jungle, losing contact with Team Bravo. When a Phantom, a smaller Alliance landing ship, appeared, Johnson decided to split up the teams and then meet separately at the landing zone. John went along with some Marines and also Thel 'Vadam separated from Johnson and quickly met the last surviving member of Team Bravos, while the group was repeatedly attacked by Brutes and Grunts. A memory of Cortana creeps into John's mind; she had been separated from him.

When they arrived at the landing zone, the two pelicans that had come to evacuate were brought down by the Alliance. Johnson reported on his crash site and John, Thel 'Vadam and some Marines rushed there, only to find out that Johnson was captured, but fighting to rescue him and some of the surviving Marines, whereupon they were evacuated from another ship, which they called to the military base Crow's nest brought. However, this base was attacked by Alliance troops in a short time and John and the men were involved in fighting again until John blew up the base with all Alliance troops after the UNSC troops were rescued.

John, who briefly escaped by an elevator, rode a warthog away from the base with a few other Marines and reunited with the Lord, Johnson, and a few other Marines. Then they fought together with great efforts against the majority of Alliance troops. They got more worried when a Flood-infested battle cruiser fell out of hyperspace and crashed nearby.Together they made their way to the crash site, because there was possibly Cortana somewhere there, but after the fighting of the great majority of the Flood they found no trace of her, whereupon they blew up the ship. But there was a message from Cortana: 343 Guilty Spark took it. Cortana warned her that the one from the Flood was contaminated High charity was on its way to earth and thus had a huge invasion of flood "troops" on board (the high charity was 464 kilometers long and 348 kilometers wide and had previously been the capital of the Alliance) and the only way to stop the ship and that would be the ark. After alliance separatists glazed the town Voi into which the ship crashed to prevent the flood from spreading, they traveled to the ark.

Since Spark knew the coordinates, they flew there as quickly as possible. The UNSC troops stood side by side with the Alliance Separatists and the guards of the facility to stop the Flood and the Alliance, which was also there; the Prophet Truth continued to believe that it would be the right thing to activate the ark and with it the halos. When John and the Lord made it to the citadel, with great difficulty, flood armor shapes came along. The Gravemind explained to the two that the Flood would assist them in the fight against the Prophet, since the activation would ultimately mean their end.

The Prophet who captured Keyes and Johnson in the previous skirmishes now forced Johnson to activate the halo rings after stopping their suicide attempts. The Prophet shot Miranda Keyes. The Lord and John finally came to the scene where the Prophet doubled over on the ground due to an infection by a flood infection, whereupon the Lord killed him as an act of revenge while John deactivated the halo rings.

Johnson flew away with Keyes' body in a pelican; He couldn't take John and Thel 'Vadam with him because the Gravemind attacked the ship. The two searched and found another way, as John saw Cortana, who showed him a way, whereby the Flood were now opponents again. He arrives at a control panel, with which he saw an unfinished halo ring when activated, which was built due to the destroyed installation 04. Spark came flying over there and John explained that he intended to ignite the rings - which of course he did not plan to do - but they needed the index that Cortana was carrying. So the two of them went to High Charity, which was completely infected and could hardly be recognized as a space station.

The two fought each other against the strongest resistance; the Gravemind spoke dismissively to them and often they heard Cortana say things, where she was apparently insane, but sometimes also said normal things. Finally they managed to get to the core of the station and rescued Cortana, who was no longer "fogged" by the Gravemind; The alliance between Thel 'Vadam and John-117 she noted with amusement in a dry sentence. Together they narrowly escaped a ship of the Flood and the Gravemind, which wanted to withdraw or destroy the ship with one of its tentacles when the entire station was destroyed by a huge explosion that John and the master had "prepared". The three then flew together with the Forward Unto Dawn to that new halo ring.

Guilty Spark let them into the control room after fighting their way through countless flood attacks. Johnson, who had accompanied her, tried to activate the Halo with the help of Cortana, but was promptly gunned down by Spark, as the unfinished Halo - as Johnson, John and the others were well aware - would self-destruct when activated - and so would the halo Ark. The master and John were also gunned down, but the latter was able to get up and ultimately destroy the Illuminati with Johnson's Spartan laser.

Johnson then succumbed to his injuries and only gave John the chip with Cortana, i.e. Cortana, back, whereupon Thel 'Vadam and John-117 just hit the falling halo ring Forward Unto Dawn escaped, leaving the chief in the open hangar (as he had to protect himself due to the suction) and Thel 'Vadam in the bridge steered the big ship. The destruction of the ring then also drastically damaged the ark, as John could see from the hangar.

In the meantime [edit | Edit source]

When the master jumped into hyperspace with the cargo bay open, the ship was torn in two. The front half with the bridge and with it with the master, Thel 'Vadam, arrived at the earth. The rear part with John and Cortana, however, then drifted around for a long time of four years without orientation in space.

Halo 4 Edit source]

So after four years and seven months, Cortana 2557 woke John from cryosleep when an unknown scan penetrated the ship and she realized they were no longer alone: ​​there were intruders on the ship and John had to investigate; For this, according to Cortana, the best thing to do is to go to the observation deck to discover any ships. John picks up Cortana's chip and sets off.

When he was attacked by an elite en route on the crumbling ship, he was surprised to find that the peace alliance between the elites and the UNSC was apparently no longer in existence. Further on on the observation deck, after bridging the protective shields to clear the windows from the shields, they realized that they had got into an Alliance fleet - and the Alliance had apparently already identified Chief, because in the next moment he had to escape from intruders defend two DropShips.

When he blew up an Alliance ship with the help of a bomb, which had not expected a strong attack on the abandoned, decrepit wreck, the strange planet, which was clearly visible in the background, was opened; a gigantic gate opened and sucked the Forward Unto Dawn as well as the Alliance ships in the planet - this after another scan that Cortana could not identify. John tried in vain to reach an escape pod, and when the ship fell apart almost completely through the gravity funnel, he was caught in the wake of the planets and fell.

On the planet, John struggled to get up but actually unharmed. When asked about the position, Cortana spoke seemingly confused, but when asked, she blamed it on the hard impact. Since John, of course, didn't believe her, she explained that the degeneration time of an AI was seven years, but it had already been in operation for eight years, which is why John plans to return to Earth with her to help Dr. Halsey and with it to find a solution, which Cortana looks at first skeptically, but then quite optimistically, since she was created from an image of Halsey's brain and it would be possible to recompile her patterns.

On the way, John encountered some resistance from the alliance, stranded like himself. When he discovered a Blood Fathers Construct, a map maker for a limited area, he and Cortana learned that they were on a planet called requiem found. He managed to reactivate both cartographers in order to amplify a signal that was very unclear to them and, if necessary, to answer himself, whereupon the signal of a UNSC ship became clear: The UNSC Infinitywhich, according to Cortana, was in the core of the planet. However, they have not yet been able to contact them.

The two then make it their goal to reach that ship in order to save it and also to be rescued. After contact with many Alliance troops, John first encountered a completely unknown group of opponents: The Prometheans, against whom the Alliance also fought hard. He was forced to jump into an open portal. Finally he got to the relay to send a message. He had to hurry, otherwise the Infinity would end up in the funnel. However, when he tried to send a message, the apparent transmitter began to move while both Alliance forces and Prometheans stopped fighting. A platform emerges from that transmitter and a figure, a blood father, appeared and appeared to be controlling the surrounding units. He explained that the librarian had managed to turn his own subordinates against him to protect the people, but said that those days were over. After he threw John against a wall, he and the cryptum disappeared through a hyperspace rift.

The resulting unstable core caused John, who was briefly unconscious, to flee through another portal. He saw the Infinity with a premium and then also the Kryptum, which was heading in the same direction, whereupon he made a waypoint to the Infinity. Traveling through a jungle, he had to assert himself against Prometheans until he finally met humans: Spartan Sarah Palmer, Commander Thomas Lasky and a few more Spartan IV. Together they fought their way to save the other scouts and then to return to the Infinity, realizing that the alliance had allied themselves with the didactic and the Prometheans. After John succeeded in reactivating the air defense, both Allianz and the didactician withdrew. After Cortana explained that the Prometheans were probably some kind of AI, Lasky said that the Infinity's mission was to find more installations, halos, and eventually shut them down. However, coordinates of an artifact led them to Requiem. While John tried to stop the teacher, the senior Del Rio did not believe him that it was a blood father and ordered the ship to flee.

Together with Marines, John destroyed Promethean air defenses and eliminated many Alliance forces to secure the Infinity's retreat. After hard fighting one arrives at a building where he and Cortana met the librarian, another blood father, who told them the story of the didactic and that he was probably pursuing the plan, the producer