What is a Public Sector Company

public sector

The Management Statistics Ordinance 2014, Federal Law Gazette II No. 345/2013, obliges Statistics Austria to publish all units that are assigned to the public sector. The public sector includes all institutional units based in the economy that are controlled by the state.
The public sector is made up of two groups of entities:

  1. Government units (p.13): statistical units that are to be allocated to the government sector according to ESA 2010. They are relevant for the Maastricht criteria “public deficit” and “public debt”.
  2. Other public units / public enterprises (S.11, S.12): statistical units according to ESA 2010 which, as market producers, cannot be allocated to the government sector, but over which government units exercise control. Control means the ability to determine the general line of management or program of the controlled entity.

The list of units is to be published annually by March 31 at the latest.

Explanations on the list of units in the public sector (PDF, 21 KB)

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