What are cognitive skills

Cognitive abilities

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Around cognitive abilities In order to be able to explain it more easily, it is first necessary to familiarize you with the term cognition. In psychology and cognitive science, it is understood to mean the mental processes of a person. These include thoughts, desires, attitudes, opinions, knowledge and expectations. In short, it is all thought and perception processes. This can be done consciously as well as unconsciously. How well which cognitive abilities are developed varies from individual to individual.

Examples of cognitive skills:

  • Concentration: The ability to focus on desired facts and information and not be distracted by disruptive factors.
  • Numeracy and numeracy skills
  • Learning: The so-called plasticity of the brain enables us to acquire knowledge and other skills.
  • Memory: The ability to store and retrieve a lot of knowledge in the memory for a long time.
  • Planning and acting: This is controlled by the so-called executive functions, which ensure targeted behavior.
  • Working memory: It is assumed that the average person can memorize 7 + -2 items of information. This is the working memory capacity.
  • Motor skills: Movement sequences are basically simple cognitive processes that are controlled by the brain.
  • Imagination of space: Logical thinking and spatial awareness mean that you can find your way in unfamiliar surroundings and assess distances.
  • Intelligence: Your fluid intelligence, which is closely linked to working memory, can be trained and is decisive for the application of your skills.
  • Perceptual processes: This includes all of your sensory perceptions such as hearing, seeing, smelling, tasting and feeling.

The limits of cognitive abilities

Our cognitive performance is limited by several factors. For example, cognitive skills are negatively influenced by fatigue, distraction and lack of motivation. For example, the concentration naturally decreases with increasing time. Our working memory also only has a limited capacity.

Can I improve my cognitive skills?

Like all of our muscles, cognitive abilities can also be trained. By targeted brain joggingyou can increase your cognitive performance. At NeuroNation we offer intensive courses that train your working memory, your ability to concentrate, information processing, thought processes and logical reasoning. Cognitive training can also improve and develop more complex skills such as problem-solving skills. The courses were developed in collaboration with neuropsychological professors and from effective studies. We also offer over 60 exercises, in 5 different categories. The cognitive training program and mental training received awards from the Federal Ministry, among others, and is used at renowned institutes.

Can I test the cognitive training?

You can test a large part of the range of exercises free of charge and for an unlimited period of time. You will also see your progress with a individual development graph documented and a social network is available for exchange and mutual motivation. You also have the opportunity to test the premium exercises. The random training mode brings you closer to the NeuroNation exercises.

Infographic: Decrease in Cognitive Performance with Age (Download)