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Charcoal, electric or gas: a matter of taste!

Key facts at a glance:
  1. Charcoal grills: traditional grilling with a typical smoke aroma
  2. Gas grills: low-smoke and healthy alternative to charcoal appliances
  3. Electric grills: year-round grilling in the apartment and on the balcony
  4. Temperature and heat distribution are crucial for delicious grilled food
  5. indirect grilling is gentler and healthier

What do the magazines look for when testing?

With gas grills, each burner can usually be regulated individually. (Image source: charbroil.de)

The most important criterion when testing a grill is a delicious and attractive grill result. On a good grill, sausages and meat should be brown and juicy, but delicate foods like vegetables and fish shouldn't burn. If the temperature can be regulated, the experts also check how the food is to be grilled at high and low temperatures succeed. Here, charcoal grills are usually at the back, as with most models the temperature can only be influenced by venting the charcoal. With gas and electric grills, on the other hand, you can make appropriate settings on many models and thus adapt the temperature to the food.
The Heat distribution on the grillage has a significant influence on the grill result. If this is not even, it can happen that food burns in the middle of the wire rack, while food that is closer to the edge will not brown at all. Electrically operated models should therefore have a heating element that runs under the entire grill plate. With gas grills, the power and number of burners should be proportional to the grill surface. That means: the bigger the grill, the more and more powerful burners it should have.

In their practical tests, the trade journals also look for one simple and convenient operation. This not only includes - if available - making various settings such as temperature or grate height, but also the subsequent settings cleaning. Models with removable grill grids, ash and fat collecting containers, which are ideally dishwasher-safe, score here.

Since very high temperatures arise when grilling, this is also the issue security a relevant point. Important here: The outer surfaces must not get so hot that you could burn yourself. The device should also be robust and stand securely in its place. In the case of electrical devices, mechanisms such as overheating protection or an automatic switch-off are advantageous.

When it comes to electronic grills, the Power consumption a role. The more economical the device, the better. Especially with the grill stations, the Furnishing included in the assessment. It is not necessarily just a question of lushness, but also of practical use.

Very good grills with adjustable thermostat for temperature control

Gas, electric or charcoal: which grill is the right one?

Small, low-smoke charcoal grills (here the Florabest FLG 34 C1) are ideal for the balcony or on the go. (Image source: lidl.de)

Which type of lighting is most suitable for your own purposes depends on personal preferences. You don't want to the typical smoke aroma do without, only a charcoal grill is an option. Even purists feel comfortable with such a device, because a shelf, a thermometer and a lid (for kettle grills) are often the only items of equipment. However, many people are bothered by the enormous amount of smoke that is generated, which can even be hazardous to health if grease drips onto the embers and harmful vapors form.
Gas grills are a good alternative. Fire brings the rust to temperature here too, but the annoying smoke is eliminated. Since the models are often equipped with a drip tray into which the fat can drain, no fumes are produced. Grill carts are particularly popular. They offer an enormous amount of equipment and can even be expanded into a complete outdoor kitchen.

Electric grills are worth considering if you want to do without a fire entirely, don't have a lot of space or are simply not allowed to use a gas or charcoal grill. The advantage: you can too in the apartment or on the balcony can be used. The disadvantage: There is no real grill feeling. They are independent of the weather and can therefore be used all year round.

For gentle preparation: indirect grilling

With the help of a charcoal basket, you can set up different temperature zones on the grate. (Image source: amazon.de)

Only with one Grill with lid you can choose between the grill methods "direct" and "indirect". For the latter you have to the heat circulate freely throughout the interior so that the food to be grilled is cooked from all sides. To do this, the glowing coals must be arranged in such a way that the food to be grilled is not directly above them. Ideally, these are therefore placed in special charcoal holders or baskets on the side or, if not available, stacked on the side of the charcoal grate. This special arrangement of charcoal and grilled food requires a lot more grilling area than when grilling directly. For kettle grills, for example, a diameter of over 50 centimeters is recommended.
You can also grill indirectly on gas grills. There are two variants here. For models with more than two burners, it is sufficient to switch off the middle burner (s) while grilling. With one or two burners, on the other hand, the heat must be turned down accordingly. This procedure requires more sensitivity and is therefore more difficult, especially for beginners.

Finally the success of indirect grilling also depends on the temperature control, which is why a thermometer should definitely not be missing. If none is built into the lid, a separate - preferably digital - thermometer should be purchased. With gas grills, temperature control is very easy to do using the rotary control - these grills are therefore ideal for beginners. It gets a bit more complicated with charcoal grills, because here the air circulation is controlled manually via ventilation slots on the bottom and in the lid - which requires practice or experience. Finally, smokers are a special form. With them, the charcoal is in a separate burner so that only the hot air is directed to the food. Smokers are therefore also ideal for smoking.

The best models for indirect grilling

What should I pay attention to when choosing the material for the grill grate?

Choosing the right grill grate is just as important for a nice grilling experience as, for example, the equipment of the grill in general. You can choose between chrome-plated steel, (enamelled) cast iron and stainless steel.

Chromed steel

  1. inexpensive to buy (therefore often built into cheap grills)
  1. covered with a layer of nickel that protects against corrosion; Since this is not firmly connected to the material, it can pass into food (nickel has a high allergy potential)
  2. Take care when cleaning, as it is very susceptible to scratches
  3. Scratches pose a high risk of rust
  4. not very durable due to rust

cast iron

  1. stores heat quickly and releases it for a long time, therefore perfect for typical grill patterns (branding)
  2. cheaper than stainless steel
  3. enamelled cast iron: enamel layer protects against rust and is easy to clean
  1. neat, multiple stoving before first use required for natural non-stick coating
  2. Do not clean with detergent or water (risk of rust), remove dirt with a soft cloth or sponge
  3. Regular oiling to prevent rusting is required
  4. sensitive to strong temperature fluctuations
  5. not ideal for indirect grilling due to long heat storage

stainless steel

  1. no scratching possible, therefore rustproof
  2. Dirt adheres less
  3. food safe (no changes in taste or discoloration)
  4. withstands high temperatures and rapid temperature changes
  5. easy to clean: soak in water and scrub away coarse dirt with a brass or stainless steel brush; also dishwasher safe
  1. most expensive material
  2. only thick rods store heat well (from approx. 4 mm)

When buying your dream grill, make sure that the grill bars are made of cast iron or stainless steel. Only these materials promise good grilling results and a long service life. Chrome-plated grids rust far too quickly, which is why you should keep your hands off them. A little tip: Many manufacturers offer additional, higher quality grill grates for retrofitting.

Author: Claudia Armonies


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