Why is MG Hector good for Indians

SAIC Motor is picking up speed in India

In the Indian production plant on an area of ​​700,000 m², 56,000 vehicles are to roll off the assembly line every year. It is SAIC Motor's third automobile factory abroad (alongside Thailand and Indonesia) and the first capital investment by a Chinese automaker in India.

In June of this year, SAIC Motors' first MG Hector model celebrated its Indian market debut. MG Hector is equipped with the intelligent driving system i-Smart developed by SAIC Motors, which has been specially optimized for the Indian market. The model quickly became India's first internet blockbuster. As of September 29 (three months after the start of production), the Chinese carmaker's Indian plant had received 31,000 orders and 7,000 new vehicles had already been delivered.

SAIC Motor's strong presence in India has not only created new jobs for the local population, it has also stimulated the local economy, as more than half of the auto parts are manufactured by local suppliers. With its internet cars, the company has also stimulated the business of local companies in the segments of internet services, artificial intelligence and other areas of innovation.

The Indian government has decided to give more support to vehicles with new types of drive (NEV). SAIC Motor is already developing corresponding technologies and wants to bring an NEV onto the market under its own brand in India with the MG EZS by the end of the year.