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Worst of Chef Blog : The recipe collection of horror

You can get sick: As a starter, baked Mett-Banana-Toast with curry, then ham rolls filled with minced meat, which are buried under a pink mass of sour cream, sweet cream and a bottle of chilli sauce and ketchup each. For dessert, hand cheese ice cream with fig mustard, and because the whole thing has to be digested somehow, a delicious vodka with Maggi afterwards.

A dinner could look like this or something similar if it is prepared according to the recipes of “Worst of Chef”. The two founders of the successful blog on the social media platform “Tumblr” don't even think up the dishes themselves, according to the motto the more disgusting the better. Lukas Diestel and Jonathan Löffelbein only collect dishes that have been published in the online recipe and cooking community chefkoch.de. “The worst that was washed to the surface from the culinary hell of chefkoch.de” is how they describe their project themselves - and provide the recipes with their own cooking instructions that go beyond the creativity of real food blogs.

"I'm a winner, I can be like Andi!"

For example, for the preparation of the “tomato platter à la Andi” (raw tomato slices that are simply marinated with salt, pepper, fondant and maggi, with raw onions), the following is recommended: “To prepare this recipe, you need before everyone else One thing: the right mindset. Channel your inner Christian Lindner. Repeat in front of a mirror, if necessary for hours: 'I'm a winner, I can be like Andi! "

It all started in the summer of 2017 in a beer garden, after just the right number of hop drinks, as Lukas Diestel explains. Almost a real crazy idea, which the two humanities students at the time would never have thought that they would use it to make a living and be on stage in Berlin. "With this collection of completely absurd recipes and food photos, we wanted to create a counterpoint to all the perfectly prepared and illuminated food that you see everywhere else on the Internet," says Diestel. So it's kind of an anti-Instagram food blog.

Sometimes people actually like a dish

Meanwhile, “Worst of Chefkoch” has around 160,000 fans on Facebook and Instagram, there is a cookbook, “The Recipe Collection of Horror”, and a live show with which Diestel and Spoonbone go on tour. On Thursday they will also perform in Berlin, in the Kreuzberg festival hall in Alt-Treptow. A mixture of reading stage and cooking show awaits the guests. They read various texts of their own, not all of which have anything to do with food, do a little stand-up comedy and "cook" recipes from their blog live - with the usual tasting bites of course.

Those who come to the show may have the opportunity to try a few of the modern classics of the “Worst of Chef” cuisine: Nufleika (toasted bread with Nutella and meat sausage, gratinated with cheese), cheese gratinated with cheese or pretzel casserole are all prepared. “Trying our dishes may not be a great pleasure,” says Diestel, “but it's always an experience.” However, it sometimes happens that people actually like a dish. For those who don't feel that way, the hosts serve the Gute Laune Cola. After two or three glasses of it, you can't remember anything the next day anyway. Ingredients: four ice cubes, 200 milliliters of cola, 200 milliliters of rum. Cheers!

Worst of head chef on January 10th from 8 p.m. in the Festsaal Kreuzberg, Am Flutgraben 2 Alt-Treptow. Tickets cost 17 euros at:www. festsaal-kreuzberg.de

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