Can I use my smartwatch without a smartphone?

Use a smartwatch without a mobile phone? You have these options

If your smartwatch is WiFi-enabled, you can use it to the same extent as a watch that connects directly to the Internet via LTE - regardless of whether your mobile phone is nearby or not.

Do you have your smartphone with you and are Smartwatch and mobile phone connected to the same WLAN, the coupling remains - no matter how far apart the two devices are. An incoming message on the mobile phone can then also be output on the watch, for example, even though the two devices are in different rooms.

Even when your mobile phone is switched off, you can use most of the functions of your smartwatch thanks to the WiFi connection. There is simply no synchronization with the smartphone. However, keep in mind: WLAN usually requires significantly more energy than the connection with the smartphone via bluetooth. So use your smartwatch sparingly in the WLAN or make sure that it is fully charged as possible.

Your smartwatch can do this when it is connected to WiFi: (partly depending on the model)

  • Send and receive messages
  • Make and answer phone calls
  • Query current weather data
  • Control your smart home
  • Stream music and listen to the radio
  • Use WiFi-enabled apps