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Best burger in the world: 10 bloggers reveal their insider tips

Whenever I come to a new place, I usually check Foursquare or other blogs to see if there is a good burger shop nearby. Because in addition to traveling, all the adventures, surfing and good coffee, I love one thing above all: juicy burgers! And I've tried quite a few burgers all over the world in my life. Including a few really good ones, but unfortunately also a few really bad ones.

A good burger isn't just about minced beef between two halves of a bun and a little greens in between. On the contrary: for me, a burger is almost a kind of work of art that consists of several components that together form an incredibly delicious unit!

Above all, it is important that the meat is juicy and spicy and of course a good burger should be grilled over an open flame. Second for me is the sauce: just ketchup, mayonnaise and maybe a little mustard are not enough. Really good burgers usually have a great sauce, which, according to my taste, should be a little hot and sweet.

After that, it's my turn to roll. There definitely have to be homemade rolls and my favorite are the so-called brioche buns - fluffy and, above all, not so dry, really tasty yeast rolls! A slice of spicy cheese, crispy bacon and, best of all, caramelized onions and the burger is perfect!

In this post, I and a few other bloggers and burger fans will reveal where you can find the world's best burgers! Now it's getting juicy!

10 bloggers reveal their favorite burger place worldwide!

Best burger in the world: 3 Off The Path favorite burger shop

Berlin, Germany: Mayor

Somehow crazy: You travel the world for years, try burgers everywhere and in the end you get the best at home, with the mayor in Berlin! I've lived in Berlin for around three years and what I miss most about this city is actually the food. There are so many delicious restaurants in Berlin and most of them are really cheap compared to other major German cities.

And whenever Line and I visit the capital again, we go to the burger's house at least once, but mostly more often, because the burger is just too good! Juicy, well-seasoned meat, delicious sauce and a soft brioche roll - perfect! My favorite burger here is the master of all classes with a double beef patty, double cheese, crispy bacon, jalapeños and BBQ sauce. Just now that I'm writing about it, my mouth is watering again!

At the end, the cheese is placed on the beef patty for a few minutes and grilled so that it melts nicely on the meat. The meat itself is incredibly delicious, properly seasoned with pepper and really always juicy. I know many burger shops that have problems always delivering the same quality, but with the Burgermeister you can be sure that you will always get a delicious burger!

For me, a burger doesn't work without delicious fries, and of course you can get them here too. The great thing: besides normal fries, there are also cheesefries with cheese and bacon or onions gratinated, or chili cheesefries with cheese, jalapeños and beef - awesome! You can get your own drinks from the mayor, but beer is only available at the kiosk next door.

What is also special about the Burgermeister is that the shop is located in an old, small toilet house under the railroad tracks of the Berlin tram. That sounds a little gross now, but it makes the place all the cooler! Due to the location there is only standing room outside and it can get a little cold in winter. It's best to come here in the early evening, because it gets really crowded by 8 p.m. at the latest, especially on weekends.

The guys are so successful with their burgers that they have now opened a second shop directly at Kottbusser Tor, where you can sit inside and where it is not quite as crowded. If so, you should go to the original mayor, because only here is there this special flair of the toilet block. You can find this at the Schlesisches Tor, also in Kreuzburg and not far from the Spree. It is open from Sunday to Thursday until 3 a.m. and on Fridays and Saturdays until 4 a.m.

Address: U1 Schlesisches Tor, Oberbaumstrasse 8, 10997 Berlin

Chiang Mai, Thailand: Beast Burger

Believe it or not, in my opinion the second best burger is in Chiang Mai! Line and I have been to this small town in northern Thailand several times and are mainly in the Nimman Road area. There is not only one of the best cafés in the world here, but also a really brilliant burger shop: Beast Burger!

Until recently, Beast Burger was housed in a cool food truck, but there has been a real restaurant since mid-April this year - proof of how good the burgers are! Here, too, the meat is really juicy and well-seasoned, the sauce is delicious and the bun is fluffy. My favorite is the Double Double with a double beef patty, double cheddar cheese, bacon, caramelized onions and of course the famous BEAST sauce.

The double double costs 250 THB and the fries come with the burger. If you just want the burger and no fries, you pay 20 THB less. The restaurant itself is simple but cool, and the kitchen is open - so you can watch your burger being grilled!

The two owners are also really cool people and run Beast Burger with full passion. They always make sure to get good ingredients and spend a lot of time in the kitchen to improve their burgers even further or to develop new creations. So if you are looking for a really good burger in Asia, then Beast Burger is the place for you!

Address: Nimmanhemin Soi 17, T. Suthep A. Muang, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Hamburg, Germany: Otto's Burger

My third favorite is also in Germany, but this time in Hamburg. No wonder, after all, there are many who claim that the hamburger was invented in this city! And in my opinion, Hamburg's best burger is available at Otto's Burger. Line and I discovered the shop around three years ago and have eaten here again and again since then.

I find the Smokey Mayo with small pieces of bacon on top of the burgers, which you also get with the fries, particularly cool. Otto's Burger beef comes from the region, is super juicy and tasty. Here, too, the patties are placed between a super delicious, soft brioche bun and the cheese melts really nicely into the meat.

At Otto's Burger there are several burger creations on the menu, but my favorite burger is still the Otto's burger with red cheddar, smokey mayo, ketchup, pickled onions and the usual greens. Of course, I order extra bacon and fries to go with it. Incidentally, these are sprinkled with rosemary and therefore taste particularly delicious. In addition, Otto's Burger has really delicious home-brewed beer.

Otto's Burger currently has two shops in Hamburg, one in Ottensen and one in Grindelhof. In both you can sit comfortably inside and outside when the weather is good. Soon a third shop will also open at the Schanze, so Otto's Burger will also be represented in Hamburg's hipster district. My favorite shop, however, is the one in Grindelhof, because that's the original and here the owners even live above the shop - really cool!

Address: OTTO'S BURGER Ottensen, Bahrenfelder Str. 175, AHRENFELDER STR. 175, 22765 Hamburg

Best burger in the world: 9 more recommendations from other bloggers

Yvonne from Lovelyforliving

Burger chalet, Freiburg

Welcome to the capital of the Black Forest in southern Germany: in Freiburg. Here you will find many delicious, individual burger shops - the decision will not be made easy for you here! But one thing tastes particularly good: the burger in the burger chalet. With meat from the region, homemade sauces and unusual creations, the shop not only attracts hipsters, ecologists and students, but also everyone who wants to try something new, is fresh and is looking for an alternative to the classic hamburger.

All burgers have names that show the proximity of the mountains, such as valley station, Alpenfeuer or Bodenschatz. Particularly recommendable: The summit air burger with beef, avocado, pesto and sweet ginger mayonnaise. If you are a vegetarian, there is also a veggie alternative: a homemade vegetable polenta with carrots, corn, zucchini and chickpeas. With the burger you can choose between french fries, a small salad, rosemary potatoes or chili cheese fries as a side dish. The service is super friendly and the waiting times are relatively short, despite the high rush.
If you are going on a trip to the south, you should definitely make a stop in Freiburg and try it for yourself - simply really delicious!

Price: for the burger about 7.90 euros; for a menu with burger, side dish and drink: 12.90 euros.

Address:Burger-Chalet, Niemensstrasse 9, 79098 Freiburg im Breisgau

Yvonne, 26, is a student, globetrotter and optimist. Lovelyforliving is for big-hearted adventurers, cosmopolitan connoisseurs and tolerant travel enthusiasts who want to see the beauty of the world and are looking for personal tips for their travels.

Hubert from Travelerblog

Dereku Burger, Tallinn

In Tallinn, I was not only surprised by the great, fascinating city and the incredibly exciting open-air museum, no, there I was also able to eat one of the best burgers ever. Do not you think? But that's how it is!

It was only by chance that I discovered the Dereku burger in a parking lot on the way to the supermarket. The hanging cow that I see here magically attracts me and in the evening I step into this cozy little burger bar.

There are 8 burgers on the menu, one of which is even vegetarian. When I discover the Bluecheese Beef Burger, it is clear to me that I have to have it and so I order it quickly. Without side dishes. 150 g of meat are on it, the burger is freshly prepared. It costs a fair 9 EUR, for 2 EUR you could even add another patty.

The burger is perfectly medium fried and the blue cheese (blue cheese) is very spicy. A perfect combination. The bun is also stable, but not hard, so the burger is wonderful to eat with your hands.

And the service is also super nice, we chat for a while about Tallinn ("Don't come in winter. It's nice too - but dark most of the time.";))

I will definitely be back! One of the tastiest burgers I've ever eaten!

Address:Dereku Burger, Aia 8, 10111 Tallinn, Estonia

Hubert makes numerous short trips to cities and nature. He likes to hike and enjoy being on the water. He enjoys good food and wine. Or beer. And he shows these experiences on his travel blog travellerblog.eu.

Christian from happycoffee

The Burger Lab, Hamburg

Although there is a new burger shop almost every week in Hamburg, The Burger Lab at Sternschanze is my absolute and proven favorite! It's not just the really good ingredients that make this little corner restaurant special, but also the menu, which has different specials ready every week. Because not all burgers are created equal!

The first time I became aware of the Burger Lab because of its perfect location: directly behind the Hamburger betahaus, a coworking space where I often work, and only 50 meters from the Central Park Beach Bar. So I developed a little ritual: often after work first a beer with my feet in the sand and later a delicious burger in the Burger Lab.

What started out as a convenient catering solution convinced me from a culinary point of view. In the Burger Lab there are no greasy meat patties in two sticky dough halves. In addition to homemade burger rolls, there is a choice of ciabatta, focaccia or sandwiches. You can also expect variations when it comes to meat: The classic minced beef patties are great, but pulled beef, pork or chicken are also possible. If you now think that it will stop there, then you are wrong. Exotics that are inspired by the chef or friends from all over the world are regularly featured on the menu. I recently had a fantastic pork belly kimchi burger that wasn't greasy but super crispy and brimming with Korean flavor.

By the way, vegans or vegetarians are not neglected! I myself often use the fish or veggie burgers and the black bean burger is legendary. No matter what, the homemade sauces with delicious sweet potato fries are simply part of it.

If you can make it in time, you should definitely stop by at noon. Every day there are three specials to choose from, which are available for 5-6 euros. Although the shop is usually full, I've never made a reservation and always got a seat after a few minutes. By the way, in summer you can sit outside just fine.

Do not forget: In the Burger Lab there is self-service at the cash register. In return, every dish is delivered very quickly.

Address:Burger Lab, Max-Brauer-Allee 251, Hamburg

As the founder of Happy Coffee, Christian is actually a coffee fan, but doesn't stop at good food either. For years he has also been using high-quality ingredients and transparent production chains. That goes for both burgers and coffee. He purchases his coffee directly from a small farmer's cooperative in Mexico, which is freshly roasted in a small family roastery in Hamburg.

Verena and Patrick on the way

Devil's Peak Brewery, Cape Town

Our favorite burger joint is the taproom of the Devil's Peak microbrewery. We discovered it when we went on a craft beer safari through South Africa during our more than 5 year trip to Africa. Everything just fits here: Through huge panorama windows you can enjoy the view of the eponymous Devil's Peak, with the very tasty burgers there is a large selection of in-house craft beer and there is often live music in the evening. In addition, it is not your typical tourist shop - like many bars on Long Street, you will also meet a lot of Cape Town residents here!

The cheese burger with Emmental cheese is particularly popular. In addition, there are variations on the menu with lamb, chilli or vegetables for vegetarians. Classic, crispy French fries are served with it. Every Tuesday evening there is a special where you can get the cheese burger from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. with a craft beer lager or ale for only 55 R (approx. € 3.20). So that you still get a seat, it is best to reserve a table, because the offer is very popular with locals. On other days the burgers cost around 80 R (approx. € 4.70) and the prices for a large beer range from 32R (1.90 €) for a lager to an IPA for 38R (approx. 2.20 €) .

You should definitely try the King's Blockhouse IPA, which has won many awards and is considered one of the best hand-brewed beers in South Africa. We also recommend the Black IPA.

The Devil's Peak Brewery is located in Salt River, right on the border of the new trendy Woodstock district, where several craft beer breweries have already settled. It's best to take the My Citi bus line 102 and get off at the Upper Salt River stop. But be careful! The buses only run until 9 p.m. at the latest, after which it's best to call a taxi or an Uber.

Address:Taproom at Devil's Peak Brewery, 95 Durham Avenue, Salt River, Cape Town, 7925 (entrance on Cecil Rd.)

Verena and Patrick explored Africa intensively for five years with their 48-year-old four-wheel-drive truck. On runterwegs.de they give tips for travelers to Africa and report on their life as digital hanomads.

Nico from Alongtheway

Papachos, Peru

Even before I traveled to Peru, I was raved about a burger shop: Bembos. "They even have burgers with Wagyu beef there." That convinced me and so I had to try out the first Bembos that I spotted. First impression: McDonalds in blue and in Spanish. The quality was far better than at McDonalds, but I still wonder if the Wagyu surcharge is really justified.

Bembos didn't completely satisfy me, so I had to keep looking for THE Peruvian burger and I found it. A Peruvian friend told me about papachos. A star chef was tired of seeing the decay of burger culture and without further ado opened his own burger shop, which now even has several branches in e.g. Lima & Cusco (of course I "had" to try both).The prices per burger with fries are 12-16 € and are more expensive for Peruvian standards, but worth every penny.

The large menu leaves you spoiled for choice. Do you prefer the papacha with blue cheese, bacon and onion rings or the gauche with parmesan slices, avocado and chimichurri sauche or how about the mediterranea topped with roasted cheese, rocket and basil-chilli ketchup? There are also four vegetarian options to choose from.

Each branch has its own specialties and so in Cusco, for example, you can enjoy an alpaca burger. Really recommend! You can also choose between normal fries and sweet potato fries. A choice? Definitely sweet potato fries! In addition to ketchup and mayo, another delicious dip is served.

But be careful: You should bring a large portion of hunger with you and not plan any major activities afterwards. Because after Papachos you need some time to cure your eating coma!

Address:several branches, including in Lima and Cusco

[su_box title = “About alongtheway:“ style = “soft“ box_color = “# ffb514 ″]

Nico was on a backpacking trip through South America for five months and started his travel blog Alongtheway during that time. If you're in the mood for more wanderlust, you should definitely visit him on his blog! [/ su_box]

Jana and Christian from A Tasty Hike

Honest Burgers, London

We found our absolute favorite burger at Honest Burgers in London! Why? Because the burgers are just incredibly juicy and the meat is top quality. Medium fried, the burger meat melts on the tongue!

The menu isn't that big, but we don't think it has to be! It is better to offer little food of super good quality than a huge selection. At Honest Burgers you can easily choose between different types of meat and toppings. Every burger is served with homemade rosemary fries - and that alone is worth a visit!

We particularly recommend the homemade lemonade with your meal - super refreshing! We opted for the onion rings as a starter on our last visit. Here too, the freshness of the ingredients has absolute priority!

The combination of fresh ingredients, delicious preparation and the great design of the burger shop make Honest Burgers a must on your next visit to London!

There are several Honest Burgers branches in London. All are relatively small but very cozy. As a rule, you cannot reserve a table. If one is not immediately available, you can leave your mobile phone number at the entrance. You will then be notified as soon as a table becomes available. Since the Honest Burgers branches are all in lively areas, it is no problem to find a suitable location nearby for an aperitif. The waiting time is usually the ideal length for a drink.

Prices are around £ 10 per burger and we think it's value for money!

Address:several branches in almost all parts of the city

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For Jana and Christian from A Tasty Hike, enjoyment is particularly important - and that in every situation! Good food is an absolute must on any hike or trip. [/ su_box]

Janine from Finding Hummingbirds

Jo'Burger, Dublin

There are burgers in Dublin and there is Jo's burger. Delicious, creative and innovative. At first everything runs normally: You can choose between 100% Irish beef, 100% Irish lamb, chicken, fish or the vegetarian version. Classically in a roll or on a wheat tortilla. Then it gets exciting: You choose your style. Are you more like Phiri (red onion jam, rocket), Ikqezi (caramelized chili bananas, bacon and goat cheese), Oriando (harissa, mint, aioli, rocket) or maybe Bari (peach curry sauce, Emmentaler)? It pays to be brave! Because as strange as some creations may sound: They are pure taste explosions.

Since the creativity at Jo'Burger is almost limitless, you can of course have other ingredients placed on the burger as you wish. For the not so brave, there is also the traditional basic burger for 9.45 euros. The most expensive burger (Ikqezi) costs 13.25 euros. On average, you pay around 12 euros here. Side dishes cost extra. The delicious sweet potato fries are recommended. But if you want to take it really Irish, you could also choose the Homemade Baked Beans with Bacon.

Alternatively, there are bush fries, coleslaws, onion rings baked in beer batter and pickles, i.e. pickled vegetables. You should definitely choose one of the homemade sauces with the side dish. They are presented in the varieties of roasted garlic, spicy curry, satay cream, pesto and creme fraiche.

You can now find Jo'Burger six times in Dublin. My favorite shop is the one in Castle Market. The decor is simple (brick look), but modern and cozy. Every now and then a DJ plays.

Conclusion: Jo's burger tastes incredibly delicious. Both the meat (100% Irish always tastes good) and the creative side dishes. My favorite: 100% Irish lamb with red onion jam, goat cheese, chilli bananas and rocket. With sweet potato fries, garlic mayonnaise and a homemade ginger-lemon lemonade. 100% delicious !!!

Address:Jo'Burger Town, 4/5 Castle Market, Dublin 2 (near South Great George Street, bus stop of approx. 12 lines), Ireland

[su_box title = “About Finding Hummingbirds:“ style = “soft“ box_color = “# ffb514 ″]

On Finding Hummingbirds, Janine writes about her favorite travel discoveries in the spirit of “full-time work, 100 percent travel”: big and mini cities, homeland pearls, hiking routes, exciting hotspots and dreamy landscapes. Despite the exotic blog name - originated from the love for hummingbirds - it is also about the most beautiful corners of Europe. Especially Ireland. [/ su_box]

Marieke from Flashpackcitygirl

Grand Trailer Park Taverna, Melbourne

For me it was the best burger ever in Melbourne. It was a recommendation post on Facebook, in one of the Work and Travel groups. As a burger lover, I didn't hesitate for long and went with two others to the Grand Trailer Park Taverna.

The entrance was totally inconspicuous and we almost walked past it. However, when you get to the top, you are amazed. You can sit in small trailers everywhere and enjoy your meal.

For me there was an extraordinary burger, the Francis Underwood Burger: Australian beef, American cheddar, tomato, lettuce, special burger sauce, American mustard and the best, a Mac & Cheese croquette. Yes, you read that right, macaroni and cheese were on top, on the burger. And it is precisely this extra that makes it one of the best burgers in the world for me.

The meat and the sauces should of course not be neglected in the evaluation. And neither were they. The meat was perfect, fried to the desired cooking level and the special sauce was really special and I haven't had it anywhere else.

For me, bacon should also be part of a good burger and the request was gladly granted for an extra $ 2. In total, the burger cost just under $ 20, which is the equivalent of around 13 euros and is therefore perfectly clear in terms of price. As a side dish, I ordered chili cheese fries, which are not available everywhere in Australia and which I've loved since my stay in New York.

Unfortunately, I had to do without dessert. A kind of waffle sandwich is offered here. How my friends managed to make such a mighty dessert remains a mystery to me to this day. I already struggled with the burger!

Address:The Grand Trailer Park Taverna, 87 Bourke ST, Melbourne, VIC, 3000, Australia

Marieke is the face behind Flashpackcitygirl. She quit her job and went on a world tour. She started in Asia and was in Australia with a Work and Travel Visa. For family reasons, she was unable to finish her journey. Now she is touring the world from Germany and reporting on her adventures on her blog. [/ su_box]

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