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In the singspiel 'Die kostbare Perle' by Uwe Lal about the biblical parable of the same name, the children encounter a merchant who discovers a particularly valuable pearl and can happily give up everything else that previously seemed so important to him in order to buy it forever to have. God's love is also something so wonderful and valuable that one can only be happy about it.

Already the audience from the age of 3 are invited to sing along, move along and help shape, so that this approx. 25-minute singspiel is particularly suitable for a performance in family worship.

The Singspiel is complemented by six biblical join-in songs, which make us marvel at how 'valuable' we are in God's eyes. With their whole body and all their senses, the children experience God's word in amazement.

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These are happy, stirring songs. A bit sad at the end, but that's part of it. Renunciation makes you sad. And yet: the pearl is just so beautiful, it makes up for everything. As in real life, as it says in the annual motto: Following God is my happiness, when you have him, you have everything your heart desires.