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Fang Fang: Soft funeral. novel

Hoffmann and Campe Verlag, Hamburg 2021
ISBN 9783455011036, hardcover, 448 pages, 26.00 EUR
Translated from the Chinese by Michael Kahn-Ackermann. When "Soft Burial" was published in China in 2016, the novel was celebrated as the most important Chinese work of the last few decades and was awarded the prestigious ...

Xue Mo: The rites of the desert

Bacopa Verlag, Schiedlberg 2020
ISBN 9783903071650, hardcover, 592 pages, 39.90 EUR
From the Chinese by Hans-Peter Kolb. The story of Laoshun, a falconer in a small village on the edge of the desert in northwest China. A life in a remote world, shaped by existential ...

Jin Yong: The Legend of the Eagle Warriors. novel

Heyne Verlag, Munich 2020
ISBN 9783453319905, paperback, 576 pages, 16.99 EUR
Translated from the Chinese by Karin Betz. Shortly before they are killed by the soldiers of the Jin Empire, the two kung fu fighters Guo Xiaotian and Yang Tiexin make a pact: Their ...

Yang Jiang: The three of us. novel

Matthes and Seitz Berlin, Berlin 2020
ISBN 9783957579140, hardcover, 222 pages, 22.00 EUR
Translated from the Chinese by Monika Motsch The autobiographical novel "Wir Drei" is the deeply moving story of love across all social and political upheavals, it is the story ...

Eileen Chang: The classmates. Novella

Ullstein Verlag, Berlin 2020
ISBN 9783550050145, hardcover, 96 pages, 18.00 EUR
Translated from the Chinese by Susanne Hornfeck and Wang Jue. Zhao Jue lives in New York and works as an interpreter for the UN. She discovers a photo of a former classmate in a magazine. Your…

Qiu Miaojin: Crocodile's Notes. novel

Ulrike Helmer Verlag, Sulzbach / Taunus 2020
ISBN 9783897414419, paperback, 320 pages, 20.00 EUR
Translated from the Chinese by Martina Hasse. The student Lazi loves women. This is unheard of in Taiwan in the 1980s: a queer scene is awakening, and that at the elite university in Taipei! Well where martial law ...

Cai Jun: Spirit of revenge. thriller

Piper Verlag, Munich 2020
ISBN 9783492059039, paperback, 512 pages, 16.00 EUR
Translated from the Chinese by Eva Schestag. June 19, 1995 in eastern China: Shen Ming, a young and brilliant high school teacher, is suspected of killing one of his students. Some days…

Ken Liu (ed.): Broken Stars. stories

Heyne Verlag, Munich 2020
ISBN 9783453320581, paperback, 672 pages, 16.99 EUR
Edited by Ken Liu. Collaboration: Cixin Liu, Hao Jingfang, Qiufan Chen. Translated from the Chinese by Karin Betz, Marc Hermann, Johannes Fiederling, Lukas Dubro, Felix Meyer zu Venne and Chong Shen. The…

Ma Jian: Dream of China. novel

Rowohlt Verlag, Reinbek near Hamburg 2019
ISBN 9783498001070, hardcover, 192 pages, 22.00 EUR
Translated from the English by Susanne Höbel. Increasingly, senior Chinese provincial officials have nightmares about their violent past during the Cultural Revolution. He actually has ...

Qiufan Chen: The silicon island. Novel. (From 14 years)

Heyne Verlag, Munich 2019
ISBN 9783453319226, paperback, 480 pages, 16.99 EUR
Translated from the Chinese by Marc Hermann. Electronic waste from all over the world is recycled on the silicon island in southwest China. In the midst of toxic fumes and contaminated hardware, the ...

Hwang Sok-yong: The lotus flower. novel

Europa Verlag, Munich 2019
ISBN 9783958902626, hardcover, 496 pages, 24.00 EUR
Translated from the Korean by Ki-Hyang Lee. If one thinks of a fairytale fate, one does not immediately come across courtesans and trafficking in women, but it is actually an old Korean myth that ...

Yu Hua: Screams in the rain. novel

S. Fischer Verlag, Frankfurt am Main 2018
ISBN 9783596702794, hardcover, 336 pages, 10.00 EUR
Translated from the Chinese by Ulrich Kautz. Sun Guanglin grew up in a small Chinese farming village. It is the 1960s and there is still no sign of the upturn. He is an outsider, will ...

Hao Jinfang: Beijing fold. narrative

Rowohlt Verlag, Reinbek near Hamburg 2018
ISBN 9783644405035, e-book, 60 pages, 1.99 EUR
Translated from the English by Jakob Vandenberg. Beijing, in the future: In order to use the limited space as efficiently as possible, the city has been divided into three sectors, which are divided up by means of a clever ...