How are the US police investigating the theft

US police officers sprayed pepper spray on African American woman with toddler

Rochester - In the city of Rochester, New York, another case of police violence causes outrage. A video recording that became known on Friday shows how police officers hold an African American woman on the floor with a child in her arms and treat her with pepper spray. The police had previously stopped the woman on a snow-covered street and accused of stealing something from a nearby shop.

Pressed to the ground and sprayed

The woman denies the allegations and even empties her pocket to prove it. When the police refuse to let her go, the woman pulls herself away with her three-year-old child in her arms and tries to run away. The police catch up with them and push them to the ground. When the woman gets up and tries to reach for her screaming daughter, the police spray her pepper spray on her face and pull her back to the ground.

Already two other cases of police violence

According to a local newspaper report, the three-year-old was not hit directly by pepper spray in the February 22nd incident. The Rochester police caused outrage at the end of January when they used pepper spray against a nine-year-old girl. In September, a video had become known in which the 41-year-old African American Daniel Prude was pressed to the ground by police officers for a long time in Rochester. He died a week after the incident, which occurred in March. (APA, 7.3.2021)