Is Andorra worth a visit

Small but mighty - 13 reasons why Andorra is worth a visit

When the state of the art was much more rustic and the winters were even harder than today, Andorra remained completely isolated from the outside world during the cold season. Old photos show how men freed the border roads of the dwarf state in the Pyrenees from the last walls of snow in spring and greeted the people on the other side with joy. Today the snow is unlikely to isolate Andorra. But the small, mountainous country still exudes nostalgic charm and the cheerfulness of its residents. And we have other good reasons for a trip to Andorra!

Andorra is not overcrowded

Insider tip with good infrastructure

Andorra is still one of the at least for European standards Insider tips among the holiday countries. With good three million visitors in 2017 In an international comparison, the miniature state was ranked 72nd among the most visited countries in the world. Front runner the list are calculated Andorra's direct neighbors France with almost 87 million visitors and Spain with almost 82 million guests. The exciting thing, however, is that the numbers in Andorra have fallen sharply: ten years ago a good nine million people came, most of them as day tourists. The country is therefore well prepared for future streams of holidaymakers.

  • Day tourism: a good 60 percent of holidaymakers in Andorra do not stay overnight.
  • Neighborhood tourism: More than half of Andorra's visitors come from Spain, more than a third from France.
Low duties and taxes

Until 2006, there wasn't even one in Andorra value added tax, to date it is spectacularly low at 4.5 percent in the standard rate. The same goes for that value added tax and the duties - welcome to Andorra, the Paradise for luxury and power shoppers! The Capital Andorra la Vella With around 23,000 inhabitants, it is actually more of a large mountain village, but they are lined up here Stores from well-known designers to each other. Among the most famous Department stores that counts Pyrenees