Huge lips are only considered sexual

Your lips reveal that about your character

Full, broad lips

Full lips with large upper and lower lips are a real "eye-catcher". Big lips are noticeable and can have a magical and sensual effect on the other person. Women with full lips are said to have special passion, strength and empathy. They are very self-confident towards the opposite sex and like to set the tone. In addition, women with full lips are considered the born mother type and have a strong and reliable effect on others. Relationship, family and good friendship are very important to them. In the Chinese science of facial interpretation "Siang Mien", the upper lip clarifies the feminine or sensual side of a person. The lower lip represents the masculine and rational side of a person. If both lips are equally large, this symbolizes an emotionally and sexually balanced person.

Larger upper lip

If your upper lip is larger than the lower lip, this stands for assertiveness and dominance. You know exactly what you want and are committed to it. The goals are striven for confidently and ambitiously. You want a partner who brings similar strengths of character and supports you in your project.

Larger lower lip

Women with a larger lower lip are looking for a change, are freedom-loving and hungry for pleasure, and show a great need for individuality. In tasks and relationships, too, they always want to find a challenge so as not to lose interest prematurely. Protruding lower lips are associated with traits such as tenacity and determination, but also impulsiveness.

Narrow, small lips

You like adventure, live according to the motto "No risk, no fun!" and don't let boredom arise in your everyday life? Women with small, thin lips approach new tasks with lots of positive energy and ambition. For a well-functioning relationship, you are looking for a man who is at least as optimistic as you are.

Narrow, broad lips

Women with wide and narrow lips are more of the calm and pragmatic type. Sometimes this is perceived by others as too rational and aloof. But once you get to know them better, you will recognize a reliable and down-to-earth person who is more interested in long-term and stable relationships than adventures.

Lips with a pointed cupid's bow

Doesn't that sound seductive in itself? Cupid's bow - this is the central area of ​​the upper lip that forms the extension to the nose. For some people, this Cupid's bow is provided with two pointed "humps", which gives the upper lip a very special accent. People with a sharp Cupid's bow are considered creative, communicative, but also like being impulsive. At the same time, they are known for their direct and quick-witted manner, which, however, does not always go down well with their fellow human beings.

Lips with a round cupid's bow

However, if the Cupid's bow is round, it resembles a heart. And so is the character: warm. You like to be there for others and always have an open ear for their needs. In the relationship, too, you behave more selfless than selfish. For this loving manner, such characters are also very much appreciated by their fellow human beings. But be careful that, despite all the care, your own concerns do not fall by the wayside.

No upper lip with little lower lip

Attributes such as success and career come first for people with this lip shape. Staying in one place for a long time is out of the question, otherwise boredom could arise. A relationship with this type of people only works if the partner is willing to submit.

Cosmetically modified lips

Nowadays, more and more women are having their lips adjusted cosmetically. According to Chinese face reading, cosmetic surgery changes personal fate and steers the predestined path in life in a different direction. Lip injections are said to make women appear needy, selfish, and emotionally unbalanced, which can negatively affect relationships.

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