What is the silliest breed of dog

It is well known that a dog is dumber than a pig. But there are also differences among dogs. In 1994, Stanley Coren tested a total of 133 dog breeds for their intelligence: how quickly the animal notices that its owner wants to go for a walk with it, how long does it take to find hidden food, notices when furniture is different in the apartment, etc. According to these criteria, these are the ten dumbest dogs:


The dumbest: Afghan hound

1. Afghan hounds

2. Basenji

3. English bulldog

4. Chow chow

5. Borzoi

6. St. Hubertus dog

7. Pekingese

8. Mastiff

9. Beagle

10. Basset Hound

»The 10 smartest dogs

Source: Stanley Coren: The Intelligence of Dogs, New York 1994 / information on all dog breeds, with pictures: hunderassen.de


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