What is life without a woman

Sorry men, women are better singles

Male singles always enjoy the reputation of the daring hunter who cannot be tamed by anything or anyone. Female singles, on the other hand, are simply considered desperate. In fact, the opposite is true.

You are the strong sex. They are daring hunters and they are fearless protectors. Allegedly. When it comes to life without partner However, they increasingly lose their independence. While women, especially in old age, dance through life as happy singles, travel the world and meet up with their friends, comfort each other Single men with their apparently only companions: beer, pizza, LCD screen and above all: frustration and listlessness.

In this regard, women, on the other hand, behave quite masculine and fulfill the cliché of the independent alpha animal: Single women have a closer network than men and, according to the ElitePartner single study from 2011, use it significantly more than their male single colleagues. Communication among friends is more pronounced in women and even increases with age. The social skills of men, on the other hand, leave a lot to be desired.

In stormy times like these, when there is an immensely high variety and choice of lifestyles and a high degree of independence, the trend is especially among women Singles strong to individualism. Women with higher education in particular show a tendency to be egocentric and therefore remain single of their own free will. Be it because of your career, to stay mobile or because a partner with a lower education is simply out of the question. The female single is demanding, takes what she wants and is one thing above all else: independent yet sociable.

You need a woman - but not the other way around

This is exactly where a man faces a problem: without the social structures of marriage and family and the emotional support of a woman, men become, according to the Süddeutsche Zeitung sick more quickly and criminal more easily. For this reason, one dares the simple thesis: Men need family involvement in order to acquire the necessary social skills, while female singles simply stand by their wife and do not need the man by their side.

The British sociologist Richard Scase revealed in his publication « Britain Towards 2010: the changing business environment » Already in 1999 the sad truth: «" Men are much more dependent on their wives for emotional and psychological support (...). Women have always been much less dependent on just one person in the emotional area ". single According to Scale, being means a tragic fate for men: “Single women (...) have well-trained social networks and are involved in a wide range of activities. Single men, on the other hand, appear as sad, isolated, lonely figures. The hard truth is that living alone is good for women, but bad for men. " So much for strong sex and that Single women are desperate.

Text: Linda Leitner

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