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16 types of humor

The type test is in version 2.0 and extends the previous 16 types to 32.

New types

A while ago I was asked by email why the personality test type test only includes 16 types and therefore does not reflect the full range of the Big Five - namely, the property of neuroticism, which describes our sensitivity to negative emotions, and in the type test through the two opposing ones, was missing so far pages resistant and sensitive is pictured.

I didn't get a really convincing answer to that, except that for some time I had been playing with the idea of ​​expanding the type test in order to also take into account the property of sensitivity. But that it hasn't happened yet, because this expansion simply takes a lot of work and time. And then the ambition grabbed me. "Why has the type test not yet got 32 types instead of 16?" I thought so, "There's just something missing." Said and done. Within a few weeks I realized what had been planned for a long time and the type test has now arrived in version 2.0, so to speak, in which there are twice as many types as before.

That is new:

  • 32 new type profiles. Each of the original 16 types is now available in a resistant and a sensitive version. For the sake of simplicity, the “old” types keep their names and now correspond to the resistant variant, and the new types have been given the addition “sensitive”, e.g. dreamer and sensitive dreamer. In addition, the content of all profiles has been revised and expanded.
  • Neuroticism is now part of it. The important Big Five property of neuroticism / sensitivity is now taken into account in all type test types and the short test has been expanded to include the 5th level.

It's hard to believe, but this expansion to 32 types is actually a world premiere: there is no other test that assesses the Big Five and on this basis represents 32 types that represent the high or low values ​​of all Big Five properties .

Of course there are countless tests based on the old MBTI / Myers Briggs system. The type test was also based on this system until a few years ago and therefore has its origin with the 16 types. However, the MBTI does not take into account the property of neuroticism and the other four properties are not classified according to the Big Five, but according to the 90-year-old and now obsolete type model by C.G. Young defined. Although this corresponds to what feels like 60% with the modern Big Five, it is then not entirely correct in many corners and ends and, above all, no longer corresponds to the current state of science and research on the subject of personality (see the errors in the MBTI -Dimensions and here the overview of the very old type profiles).

That's why there is now a breath of fresh air in the type test with 32 new types that cover the entire spectrum of the Big Five. This is the final step in the alignment of the type test away from the MBTI and towards the Big Five.

There are direct links to all 32 type profiles in the overview section, or if in doubt, simply take a quick test.

You are welcome to write me your opinion on the new profiles by email or in the comment field.