How do you see tattoos on teenagers

Oh dear, the daughter wants a tattoo

Let the time be ripe for a tattoo, says the daughter in a serious voice, the phase of reflection is now over and the age of majority is within reach. No, no, we think as parents, a tattoo is out of the question. And so it comes as it has to come.

Text: Irma Aregger
Photo: Julia Kuzenkov / Pexels

Our daughter has been thinking about getting a tattoo for a long time. In the meantime, the good child has grown into a young woman, she will be twenty in November. The three-year relationship with her boyfriend Alex recently broke up. He wasn't quite as fond of body painting as she was. But that wasn't the only difference in the partnership and not the reason for saying goodbye. However, a new chapter in life is ahead.


Our daughter thinks that this should start with a tattoo. My husband and I agree that we like this body painting all over the country. Our eyes are not really used to tattoos, on the contrary, we simply find blank skin more beautiful. So we try to counter it with health risks or through age-related changes that cause whole letters or parts of a picture to fall into deep furrows. Ha ha, of course the youth laughs about that, who deals with things at Mutti's age? We google for unsuccessful tattoos by tattooists with sparse artistic genes or grammatical underdevelopments. We recommend temporary fake tattoos, like when we fixed decals from the chewing gum packaging with spit on our upper arms.

Tattoo or too late?

A few rounds of talks later, the surprise follows over the phone: "Mom, you love me, don't you?" Yes, of course, I think, but ohalätz, what's next? And then it gushes out of her: “I did it, it's done, I now have a tattoo! And guess what, it didn't hurt at all! "


Crap i think. Of course not because I want my child to be in pain. But if it had at least really worked and burned, I am quite sure that it would have been a one-time thing for our daughter. Because, I am convinced, once the tattoo dam is broken, one thing follows the next. "I'm so proud of myself. And it strengthens me! ”Says the girl in a firm voice. And the more she tells me about her feelings, I think, gopf, may I, as a mother, just continue to show my dislike? It's just a small lettering that she wears on one of the ribs. Or on the forehead?


"Where and what?" I want to know. At that point she passed the phone on to her friend who accompanied her. "It's just a tattoo, isn't it?" I ask hesitantly. And then I hear the two girls chuckling and the connection is cut.

She did it!

I'm telling my husband what I've just heard. He sits down, listens, and we agree: It could have been worse. A small lettering on the rib. The main thing is that the daughter is doing well, he puts it in a nutshell.


My concerns that a second tattoo could soon follow turn into humor and we throw ourselves into suggestions for new tattoos: How about a practical corona face mask? Or if it should be a lettering: why not a crossed out Alex? And a Felix for that? We still have a few ideas. At this very moment, the daughter calls me: “Mom, you love me, don't you? »

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