At what age are women most beautiful

This is the age at which women are most attractive

This is the age at which women are most attractive

What age do women look best? And when does everything go down the proverbial stream? A co-founder of the American dating portal OK Cupid found an answer to this in his book "Dataclysm". Are you ready? This is the age at which women are most attractive!

First of all, one thing in advance: Beauty has nothing to do with age. Take, for example, Thylane Blondeau, who went down in history as the most beautiful child in the world. Or to this Australian who has not eaten sugar for 28 years and still looks youthful and vital despite her old age. People like Chuando Tan and Lure Hsu also prove that age and beauty are two very different pairs of shoes. So don't despair when we tell you at what age women - according to a study - appear most attractive to the opposite sex.

So had Christian Rudder, Co-founder of OK Cupid, for his book "Dataclysm“Found out with data from his dating portal that men are women in Age 23 find most attractive. Anyone who has to swallow now because they have already passed the 23-year mark is in good company. And in fact we also think that 23 years is pretty young ... but nobody asked us either.

The bad thing about Rudder's findings, however, is that not only do young men find 23-year-old women most attractive, but also that older men also find women more beautiful at this age. And - which is particularly unfair - he was also able to prove that this is not the case with men. So find younger women older men more attractive. Only from the age of 30+ do women start to find younger men attractive.

However, as with all studies conducted by companies rather than scientists, the results should not be taken too seriously. Because in the case of Rudder's study, whose study participants are the members of his dating portal, one can strongly doubt the extent to which the results are also representative ... and even if: appearance plays an important role when you meet new people, but we understand attractiveness as a multifaceted term that also includes factors such as personality and behavior. And let's be honest: these are not much more important indicators of attractiveness than age and appearance.