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Jaqueline. Kevin. Chantal: You don't need an inventor for first names like this. Marc Hauser takes action when a family is looking for more original names. Or when a new product comes onto the market.

Examples - unfortunately he is not allowed to give them to us now. Marc Hauser is silent. He really likes to talk about his job. But he is not allowed to blurt out names that have already been invented. This is regulated by a confidentiality clause with each of its customers.

But it's a shame too! We would have loved to know what names he has already created. In any case, his customers come mainly from North America and Asia, he says. Most of them are international families from different cultures. And they like to pay around 25,000 euros for a baby name.

A creative team for a name

"We always have a large selection of names that we present. And then we really start at the registry office with a smaller selection. So far there has never been a case where a name did not come through."
Marc Hauser, name inventor from Switzerland

When Marc Hauser and his team are looking for a new name, they have to consider a few things: the family background, the composition of the parents, the sibling names or the country from which the request comes.

The people who seek support from him, says Marc Hauser, have mostly argued about the name beforehand or don't know what to do next. This is also the case with business people who approach him for product or company names, for example.

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Incidentally, anyone who buys a name from Marc Hauser has no problem with the price: "These are people who also pay a lot of money for other things," he says. When he gets a job, a lot of people work on the new name: brand experts who check whether the name already exists, historians, translators and, of course, name creatives in different parts of the world.

Nothing against simple names

Incidentally, the inventor of the name has nothing against simple commonplace names such as Markus, Stefanie or Thomas. After all, he wears one himself. And he sees it positively: "You fill the name with character, with independence. And people also grow into their names."